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"By that definition, a state capitalist country is one where the government controls the economy and essentially acts like a single huge corporation, extracting the surplus value from the workforce in order to invest it in further production.[3] Friedrich Engels, in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, argues that state capitalism would be the final stage of capitalism consisting of ownership and management of large-scale production and communication by the bourgeois state.[4]"

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Encouraging Response for the Office of The Speaker of the House

On behalf of Speaker Nutting, thank you for writing to share your idea on  Input like yours is an essential part of the legislative process on all of the issues we address in Augusta, and we hope you will continue to share your thoughts and ideas.  The Information you suggested could help voters make more informed decisions.  I will pass along your idea for consideration.
Thank you again for writing. 
Susan H. Wasserott
Office of the Speaker of the House
House of Representatives
2 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333-0002

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Sent: Monday, March 21, 2011 4:36 PM
To:; Nutting, RepRobert
Subject: Input
Name: Mackenzie Andersen
Town: East Boothbay
Email address:
Your Message:: In regards to bonds unauthorized by taxpayers that is currently in the news. Since the legislature still gets to exempt bonds at will, they should be required to publish a list of all bonds that they have exempted in a manner that is as publicly accessible as possible. When bonds are put to the vote, information should include the total debt owed by the taxpayers and how much that calculates that each individual taxpayer owes.

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