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The Preserving The American Political Philsophy KickStarter Project IS HERE NOW!

I've been blogging about the Maine economy since around 2007 when my blog was called Main Street Economy.
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In 2008 I attended a Juice Conference at the encouragement of someone at Maine Arts Commission, who was promoting, what I took to be, a modest grant but which later turned out to be an investment. The investment opportunity was promoted as coming from an "anonymous donor ( or perhaps it might have said "investor"). As it turned out this was The Small Enterprise Growth Fund, which I had seen in passing but had not spent time on as it was promoted as a "high growth Investors group" which to my understanding means the type of investor that wants to make a large profit in a relatively short time for which the investor takes a larger risk that usual. This sort of investor does not suit the profile that interests a small ceramic design and manufacturing company like Andersen Studio.

I did not realize until afterwards. that the board of corporate types and bankers who were presenting this opportunity were likely the board of the SEGF. One after the other they described a wonderful new system where in the Maine taxpayer invested 10 % of the funds of the SEGF and that the taxpayer investment profits  always "rolled over" to re-invest in the fund, in the manner of a non-profit investment. ( the board didn't use the term non-profit but the description fits)

Later, it proved to be that the most important item of the application was to describe one's "exit strategy: which is code for plans to sell the business so that the other 90% of investors in the SEGF- the "high growth investors" can realize their profit. At every point of the process brevity was emphasized. The entire application could practically been submitted on twitter. Never once was one asked to verify any of one's information.

I was trying my best to be open minded at what I was witnessing but I could not silence a voice in the back of my mind saying "What!!? A taxpayer subsidized high growth investors company? Is this for real?

That's when my journey into investigating the Maine economic development statutes began. At that point I thought I was dealing with just one entity but others rapidly appeared and after a while an entire network of corporate "instrumentalities of the state" became apparent - each part of a singular larger system in which they were linked together as a unit of tools designed to transfer public wealth to private corporations and capitalists. This was justified to the public with some very well crafted rhetoric and promoted by the Maine media exclusive to all other opinions. It sounded good and the publlic accepted it but it was far from constitutional.

Over the years my blog has become the only intensive documentation of the hidden and unconstitutional agenda of Maine's economic development statutes. I now include current stories as well as historical research.

A while ago I was realizing that every day I found a new story in my head that I wanted to write about but to do so would take far too much time away from Andersen Studio which also needs all the attention I can give. I have been writing this blog as an unpaid endeavor for 5-7 years now.The time has come to start generating a stream of income to justify the time spent.

And so today I am presenting the Preserving The American Political Philosophy Kickstarter funding drive. I will say no more as you will find out what it is about when you click the link. If you value the research and analysis that I have been providing over the years, please support the KickStarter project and in return you will get a Tea Shirt or a Base Ball Cap embellished with the logo for the Preserving The American Political Philosophy Website
The Preserving The American Political Philosophy Kick Starter Project is Here! 


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