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Civil Update

Tweet This Today I learned that the Maine Senate has appointed a new business counci l. I have added links to the list that the government provided. Here it is Members of the Business Advisory Council are: Larry Grondin                         Grondin Construction Cathy Manchester                 Cathy Manchester Team  (realtor) Tim Varney                             Varney Agency  (insurance & bonding) Scott Hawthorne                     Mathews Brothers  (manufacturers of Acrylic Windows) Morrill Worcester                    Worcester Wreath  ( sends wreaths to Arlington Cemetery) Jason Levesque                      Argo Marketing  (customer services) Ginger Duryea                        CN Brown (Retired)    Big Apple Food Stores and Red Shield  Wayne Hamilton                  Hamilton Marine  (retail marine supplies) Also today, I submitted this online to the Senate President concerning the statute passed in 2013 making changes to the w

A Credit Due to The Bangor Daily News

Tweet This In fairness to the Maine media which I have been recently been calling out for their suppression of free speech. I have to give credit to the Bangor Daily News which is currently allowing and interesting debate to continue on. The article is  Investments a better way to economic development than tax cuts   By Victoria Mayer, Special to the BDN Posted  March 15, 2015,  at  10:43 a.m. When I entered the discussion, I anticipated that my post would be blocked and therefore I made no effort to hold myself back when I posted this: She is on the right track in returning economic development to the local level as we see in the two city states of Maine thriving on the large haul they receive in taxpayer revenue coming from Maine and United States taxpayers and all of it invested within their own municipal boundaries- but these are state courts with streets flowing with revenue coming directly out of taxpayer pockets and so they will n

The State of Maine and its Freedom of Speech Crisis

Tweet This SHARE IF YOU AGREE ! -The Maine media excludes most constitutional considerations from political talking points- except when they are used as political points against one party or the other. In 2013 The Legislature passed a bill that removed the constitutional requirement that certain fiscal information accompany bond questions on the ballot and declared that such information would be placed outside the guard rail (meaning outside the voting area) . Although this was blatantly repugnant to the Maine Constitution, Governor Lepage did not veto it and the Maine media did not cover it. And so bringing the US and Maine constitution back into the political talking points in Maine is going to have to start as a grass roots movement. I have often written about the Maine media being part of the problem in which the state of Maine has been fundamentally transformed away from its constitutional basis and into the Corporation of Maine. And I have wri

LePage Tax Reform in Context of Policy, Nietzsche and Niels Bohr

Tweet This BANGOR, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage on Wednesday took his budget-promotion roadshow to the Queen City, where he pledged to fight in 2016 to defeat any lawmaker who opposes his efforts to decrease the income tax. .  LePage vows to spend ‘rest of my days’ fighting opponents of income tax cuts Bangor Daily News The communicative devices of politicians are simplistically packaged ideas aimed at a mass mentality which, in concept, is easily manipulated. However.LePage as a crusader for lower taxes is a hard sell to large swaths of Mainers including the Maine Municipal Association, the non-profit community, property owners and a plethora online commentators who recognize that higher sales taxes means  higher  over all taxes for most, and that a potential closing of non-profit services will make life harder and eliminating municipal revenue sharing will mean higher property taxes with only the wealthiest seeing an overall benefit by LePage's reduc

Weston Neil Andersen 1922-2015

Tweet This This is my beautiful Dad and my great friend, Weston Neil Andersen, who died today. he had a loving heart and a great mind, intellectual, intuitive, and psychic. He represents that Maine that once was- a place where one can start a business on a dime and let it grow it's own way. I wonder what it will be like not having Dad around as part of the material world. Dad designed the mugs you see at the side and many other pieces in our line. Now he is with my mom, Brenda, again. Three days later: I feel that I want to write about my father at this time. I have another blog, the first blog I ever created called Sitting On A Log, That name came from the thought of being out in the middle of a forest and sitting on a log and thinking about everything and anything that enters one head, in other words contemplation,and so it seems in concept a more appropriate venue for my present thoughts, rather than this blog, where in

Mayor LePage on Baldacci Reducing Funding To Municipalities

Tweet This As Governor, LePage seems on track to implement the Steve Woods plan of nudging the inhabitants of rural towns to move into urban centers. Steve Woods was then the would be CEO of the corporate state. In the video Mr Woods explains that the inhabitants of 108 Maine Towns are not serving the corporation as they should be. Mr Woods says the 108 municipalities of Maine are costing the  corporation five times as much as the corporations recieves from these instrumentalities in sales tax revenue. Mr Woods speaks as a man managing a corporation not as a would be Governor of a state. He speaks in calm Obamaesque tones signaling that we can surely trust this erudite man so pro-active for the cause of state corporatism . The corporate state replaced Maine's constitution back in 1976 when Governor Longely called in the heads of Maine industry to restructure Maine as corporatio n, kicking the old fashioned Maine constitution out of the w

How the Maine Legislature Robbed the Department of Corrections to Fund Industry Partnerships

Tweet This ! The debate over Governor LePage's budget is a hot one. Last night I commented on an article in the Bangor Daily News   Here we go again’: Maine communities fight LePage plan to cut state aid Once again my  comment is not to be found this morning, using a search of my user name. A reply I made to someone elses comment comes up but not my own comment, which mirrors the way in which my ability to posts tweets on #mepolitcs was temporarily disabled (now back to norm). Direct posts are affected but not replies to others: When I posted, I made a screen shot in case my comment would once again be scrubbed: That's not say easy to read so here it is in text form: The state took money from its own government services to finance Industry partnerships in 2013- yet another bill to redistribute taxpayer money to private businesses, which is not a government function. The fiscal note LD 90 shows funds taken from num