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Maine Media Bias in Reporting on the Freedom of Religion Bill

Tweet This! There has been a debate of late over a bill proposed in the Maine legislature An Act To Enact the Preservation of Religious Freedom Act  . The Findings section of the bill begins by telling us that 1, Freedom of religion is protected by the US Constitution and 2. Freedom of Religion is protected by the Maine Constitution. The reason for creating a statute to also protect Freedom of Religion is found in #3 &#4 & #5   CHAPTER 337-D 4 PRESERVATION OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ACT §4802. Findings The Legislature makes the following findings: 3. Exercise of religion burdened . Laws neutral toward religion may burden exercise of religion as surely as laws intended to interfere with religious exercise;  4. Compelling government interest . Government should not burden the free exercise of religion without a compelling governmental interest;  5. Effect of Supreme Court precedent. Prior to 1990, the United States Supreme Court recognized

Bill Proposed to Include Town of Berwick, Maine in Pine Tree Zone Corporate Welfare Benefits

Tweet This: Beth O'Connor is a Maine State Legislator who threatened to block me from Maine Tax Payers United during election season for criticizing LePage. Eventually she had her proxy block me. But today I saw a post on Facebook by Beth promoting a bill she is sponsoring to add the town of Berwick to the special interests groups in Maine which are qualified to receive Pine Tree Zone benefits- one of the Maine Development Corporation's many  corporate welfare programs: Maine LD 93: An Act To Allow the Town of Berwick To Be Eligible for Full Pine Tree Development Zone Benefits I made the comment below and a few others before Beth caught on and blocked me once again from posting comments on her Facebook page.  In Maine it is common practice for public representatives to block the voices of those expressing views that the politician does not want to hear. The other participant in the conversation  testified that LePage blocks her comments- a sto

Lepage Seeks Control of Legal Settlement Funds Over Standard & Poor's Credit Rating Practices

Tweet This LePage seeks to wrest control of millions from Mills The governor orders the transfer of $21.5 million from a lawsuit settlement out of an account controlled by the attorney general. BY  EDWARD D. MURPHY   STAFF WRITER Response to Article Above: In this layperson's opinion Governor LePage, once again exhibits  confusion about the role of government and the rights of individuals . Funds derived from a lawsuit belong to those hurt by the action against which the lawsuit was brought. Such money is not the property of the state to spend for its own purposes. It is appropriate for the Attorney General to be in charge  of dispersing the funds to the intended recipients and inappropriate for the Governor to busy himself with such a task. The drama over who should be in charge of said task gives the appearance  of a Governor blinded by a lust for capital who believes that the lawsuit money is the property of the state and not of the victims of the crim

The China Connection

Tweet This This video series on foreign trade zones is very informative about foreign trade zones which are harbored in Maine at the two city states of MRRA and Lorring and other locations as well .  I have been writing about how the Maine legislature sells its redistribution of wealth policies (from tax payers to private capitalists) to the public as "job creation". Notice that this is the way the selling of America to China is also being sold to the American public- its job creation. Wikipedia on Foreign Trade Zones A foreign-trade zone (FTZ) in the United States is a geographical area, in (or adjacent to) a United States Port of Entry, where commercial merchandise, both domestic and foreign receives the same Customs treatment it would if it were outside the commerce of the United States. Merchandise of every description may be held in the Zone without being subject to Customs duties and other ad valorem taxes >>>>> Wiki