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"By that definition, a state capitalist country is one where the government controls the economy and essentially acts like a single huge corporation, extracting the surplus value from the workforce in order to invest it in further production.[3] Friedrich Engels, in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, argues that state capitalism would be the final stage of capitalism consisting of ownership and management of large-scale production and communication by the bourgeois state.[4]"

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Communism and State Ownership of Intellectual Property

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Government As a Secret Society

The response to my informal suggestion that public accessibility to government could be improved by making information available in a searchable data base (see previous post) subjectively confirmed that the  functioning power elite of Maine's economic development programs and policies are both intentional in instituting a political ideology that supersedes the will of the people, as expressed in the Maine State Constitution, and deceptive towards the general public.
1.Information made available on an agency website but not in a searchable database format may not provide the research and investigative tool needed by the public. The Freedom of Access Act does not require that public information be posted online in any particular format, just that public records be made available. While there is a strong argument for increasing the accessibility and usefulness of information, there is no current requirement that the technology in place achieve that objective.

2.The collection of data and reports generated from that data may be public records but the agency is not required under the law to create a new record or report in response to a FOAA request. If the dataset you request does not exist, the agency may choose to produce it for any number of reasons but not because they are legally required to take such an action.

 I appreciate your comments on this topic and I will continue to bring attention to the need for accessible, useful public data.
Brenda Kielty
- as deceptive as they are condescending in their classification as "quality jobs" of the "targeted sector" jobs that government polices create for the upper echelons, thereby denigrating jobs below the upper crust or outside the "targeted sector" as less worthy of respect and of the public resources which the power elite collects and redistributes to the "targeted sector"

It is clear from the words above that the accessibility rhetoric posted on line is insincere .The words come across as if spoken by a bratty child taunting that "The rules say we must be accessible but don't mandate how to do so and so it is left up to our own discretion to be accessible or not. Nya! Nya! Nya! ". Clearly the power elite are prioritizing self protection over public knowledge and serving the interests of an insider's club and NOT the general public contrary to the claims made in statutes written to institute their power:
In order to fulfill these purposes and to make the best use of the State's limited resources, the Finance Authority of Maine shall consider the state economic development strategy and the policies and activities of the Department of Economic and Community Development in implementing its powers, duties and responsibilities. [1987, c. 534, Pt. B, §§5, 23 (NEW).]
The authority will serve a public purpose and perform an essential governmental function in the exercise of the powers and duties conferred upon it by this chapter. Any benefits accruing to private individuals or associations, as a result of the activities of the authority, are deemed by the Legislature to be incidental to the public purposes to be achieved by the implementation of this chapter. [1985, c. 344, §5 (AMD).]  Quoted From the FAME Statute linked here in.
FAME by another name might be called the State Bank Of Maine.

A Quasi Governmental Shocker!

Back in 2007 when I first encountered the quasi governmental network in the form of The New England Foundation For The Arts it was not possible to absorb and accept the intentionality of what I saw written before my eyes.

In those days I believed I had already entered our business information in all the online directories for business and the arts in New England and so I was quite surprised when I came across the directory for the New England Foundation for the Arts. When I proceeded to add our information to the directory. which is now called Culture Count , I was again surprised to find that unlike other directories, NEFA required registration.When I read the NEFA Terms of Agreement I was shocked. The word "Marxism" immediately came to mind- but in those days, a year before Barack Obama made his appearance on the national scene, socialism, communism, and Marxism were not words commonly found in the public discourse.

Note December 2014 - I recently learned that NEFA is publishing two agreements- one opens up when a person registers and is in line with standards set by Google and Adobe. The original agreement, which I have been protesting since 2007 opens up in the link found in the footer of their website. The links in my blog posts at the time I wrote this post opened to the original Terms of Agreement but now open to the new version and so it is fair to assume that since the time I wrote this blog, changes were made. I am now redirecting the links to correspond to the original Terms still published in the footer of the NEFA website- which corresponds with what existed at the time I wrote this post and will be looking into this matter further.

The first words in the terms of agreement establish NEFA as a qusai governmental organization:

Welcome to the CultureCount™ website ("site") administered and operated by the New England Foundation for the Arts ("NEFA," "We," "Us," "Our") in partnership with the state arts agencies of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for others in the artistic, cultural, and creative communities throughout the New England area.

This likely means that the data base can capture the internet identities of all who use the search function on the data base"site" as I just did to find the terms of agreement- and so according to the totalitarian decree found above- even before I read the terms of agreement, I have already agreed to those terms for having searched for the terms on the culture count site, and since those terms include a prohibition against linking to any page other than CultureCounts home page, I have already violated the contractual agreement of this fascistic organization. This makes authentic context for a Kafkaesque novel!- Only such a novel would actually be historical fiction.

The agreement provides that Culture Count has the right to deep link to the registered users webpages if there is a link published in the Culture Count Directory- and that Culture Count can claim ownership to any information to which it can "deep link"- with the parameters of "deep linking" left undefined.

7. Linking and Framing. You agree not to bypass or attempt to bypass the home page of Our site and “deep link” to any other page in Our website, or frame Our content within another website or copy, or use it in another medium without Our express written permission. You hereby give Us the right, however, to create a deep link to certain pages on Your website for the purpose of offering access to content that We, in Our sole discretion, determine to be appropriate for the CultureCount™ site. * see passage from Tumblir's Agreement at tthe end of this post for comparison

The above format is consistent through out- NEFA protects itself against all use by others of the same use rights that it grants unto itself over all submitted materials.

In a manner consistent with that found in Maine economic development statutes, the Culture Count Terms of Agreement appears on a fast glance to be protecting the rights of others, but upon further examination, contain caveats, similar in form to Brenda Kielt's response above, that allow NEFA all the loopholes it needs to evade protecting the rights of others.

7......If You discover a link on the site which makes illegal or infringing content available to Our users or other parties, please notify Us so that We may determine, in Our sole discretion and pursuant to Section 12, whether to remove, disable, or otherwise modify it.
Section 12 is a doozy but I'll get to that . Next we have Section 8 which is the heart of The NEFA Terms of Agreement in which NEFA Claims ownership of the users submitted (and deep linked) content:
8. License. By submitting any content to Our site, You grant to Us a perpetual, unlimited, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, assignable, and worldwide license, to make, copy, perform, publish, display, distribute, transmit, translate, modify, prepare derivative works and use the content in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or hereinafter developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in that content. You also agree to waive and never assert any moral rights that You may have in the content submitted to Us.
At the time I first discovered this Terms of Agreement, I researched other online Terms of Agreement published by Google and Adobe and found similar language, the difference being that Google and Adobe included limiting parameters on their own usage which comes across as reasonable- Not So with NEFA which by the letter of the law is claiming unlimited and eternal rights over content "submitted" to their site-  The exact wording being "submitted" and not "published" !

The title of Section 12 belongs categorically with the character self references found in FAME as posted above: It is priceless!

12. Good Samaritan Content and Complaint Procedures Policy.
This section provides copyright  protection against "another user or other third party" but no protections against infringements by NEFA which has already claimed its rights to do anything it wants with any submitted content-. The protection is provided under the usual NEFA terms- we will protect your copyright only if we feel like it.

For such a total lack of committment to protect the users content in any way whatsoever NEFA crowns itself a "Good Samaritan"- which perhaps is appropriate because Samaritans are Good by their own free will, which is the limit of what NEFA protection of users rights provides- If we feel like it- at our own discretion !

And in exchange for the gloroius goodness of this quasi governmental organization, NEFA puts some icing on the cake with this doozy:

d. Waiver of Claims and Remedies. We expect all users of Our site to take responsibility for their own actions and cannot and do not assume liability for any acts of third-parties which take place at Our site. By taking advantage of the Good Samaritan procedures set forth herein, YOU WAIVE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OR REMEDIES WHICH YOU MIGHT OTHERWISE BE ABLE TO ASSERT AGAINST US UNDER ANY THEORY OF LAW (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS) THAT ARISE OUT OF OR RELATE IN ANY WAY TO THE CONTENT AT THIS SITE OR OUR RESPONSE, OR FAILURE TO RESPOND, TO A COMPLAINT.

 Got it? NEFA may, if it sees an advantage in it, protect your copyrights against infringement by others in exchange for which it expects complete freedom to infringe upon your rights absolutely and completely!

State Ownership of Intellectual Property = Marxism


Bottom line - this is about ownership of the people's creativity- a claim to ownership also found in the special act of legislation that chartered the non-profit corporation, The Maine Technology Institute
2. Organization. The board has all the powers and authority, not explicitly prohibited by law, necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the functions, duties and responsibilities of the fund, including, but not limited to: ( emphasis mine)

G. Owning intellectual property, licensing intellectual property and negotiating for and collecting royalty rights or otherwise realizing a return on investment made under the fund and all programs of the institute when appropriate in order to promote the interests and investments of the State in furthering science and technology; and [2003, c. 20, Pt. RR, §18 (AFF); 2003, c. 20, Pt. RR, §7 (NEW).]

When the state owns the means of production - it is Marxism .

According to this article on Communism published by Stanford University, "intellectual property rights " are included in "ownership of the means of production" 

Perspectives on public goods and property rights are a fundamental part of communist theory and philosophy.  Much of the core tenets of modern communism stem from their ideas on public property and the definition of ownership in society.  Communist philosophy argues against private property and supports collective ownership.  This philosophy applies specifically to intellectual property and software.  The common view  is that no person should on their own or control any property, whether electronic, merely an idea, or otherwise.( emphasis mine)

Communist Philosophy on Property

Communist philosophy centers around the control of the "means of production" in society.  This means of production is the physical and labor capital that is used to produce the different goods in society.


Maine State Constitution Protects Against A Marxist Transformation from Within

The Maine constitution prohibits the legislature chartering corporations by special act of legislation and would protect our state from being fundamentally transformed by Marxism if it were honored by our law makers, who have taken oaths to uphold our constitution but seem to be working in the service of a secret society instead.

In fact the entire MTI Corporation is explicitly prohibited by law- that law being Article IV Part Third Section 14 of the Maine State Constitution which states:

 Maine State Constitution Section 14.  Corporations, formed under general laws.  Corporations shall be formed under general laws, and shall not be created by special Acts of the Legislature, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where the objects of the corporation cannot otherwise be attained; and, however formed, they shall forever be subject to the general laws of the State. ( emphasis mine)

§15302. Maine Technology Institute

1. Establishment.  The Maine Technology Institute, as established in section 12004-G, subsection 33-D, is a nonprofit corporation with public and charitable purposes. The duties, activities and operations of the institute are within the provisions of the federal Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3).
[ 1999, c. 401, Pt. AAA, §3 (NEW) .]   ( emphasis mine)

In fact the public and charitable purpose of the Maine Technology Institute is to redistribute public and non-profit resources to the new private owners of the means of production, a class called "the targeted sector" in statutes written by the Maine legislature.

Something else worth noting: Countless Tumblr blogs have gone on to spawn books, films, albums, brands, and more. We're thrilled to offer our support as a platform for our creators, and we'd never claim to be entitled to royalties or reimbursement for the success of what you've created. It's your work, and we're proud to be a part (however small) of what you accomplish.- Copied and pasted from Tumblr's current online agreement

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Growth of State Capitalism Via State Incubators in the USA


Earnings on Investments: the Maine Micro-enterprise Initiative

A few posts I ago I wrote about the Maine Micro enterprise Initiative, a state program that distributes funds to non-profit organizations to train micro-enterprise employees.

Upon reading said statute, the question arose as to whether the funds granted to a non profit organization, previously written about here, were appropriated through the micro enterprise initiative. In search of an answer I submitted this Freedom Of Access Request to Mr Douglas Ray, the legislative liaison for the Maine department of Economic and Community Development:

Subject: Freedom Of Access Request RE:§13063-O. Micro enterprise initiative fund program review
I am formally requesting a copy of all the records kept pursuant to

§13063-O. Micro enterprise initiative fund program review

 The department shall submit to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over business and economic development matters an update on the fund by January 1, 2001 and every year thereafter.

Mr Ray responded with a very brief document containing a short list of figures identified as "Earnings On Investments" for the years 2008-2013 with no accounting for what the numbers represent - such as money distributed or bureaucratic costs ? 

Further inquiry generated this response:
I have some more information for you regarding the history of the Micro enterprise Initiative Fund. The last grants made from the account were in 2009. Attached is a spreadsheet showing expenses and revenues since 2001. 
This new list contained names of regional organizations and many entries for the University of Maine. The regional organizations are characteristic of Maine's quasi governmental network. Geographically they are neither state nor local governments but regional organizations. They are non-profit organizations receiving large "non-profit contributions" from the Maine and federal taxpayer via the state- which makes the use of the term "return on investment" all the more curious. I was not expecting a program that provides training for micro-enterprise employees through non-profit organizations to provide a "return on investment" to the state, other than indirectly through taxation.

When I asked for further information I was told "the information we provided represents all that we have. I suggest contacting the agencies directly to secure the information you desire; as I’m sure they maintain their own records as to whom they awarded the grants directly."

In other words the state has no record substantiating that funds ever went toward training micro-enterprise employees. Responsibility for that assurance is passed on to the regional development organizations ("agencies") substantiating that the non-profit regional development organizations are functioning as an unelected extension of government.

Capital is distributed down the chain of the state's network of "funds" and into associated quasi governmental organizations in a trail that makes the true picture opaque to the general public. It is difficult to know with any degree of certainty how much public money is granted to any one agency or organization. The University of Maine, for instance is a "targeted sector" favorite found on list after list of the states preferred recipients. In the process the University Of Maine is transforming from a conventional educational institution into a central hub in state capitalism (Marxism). In a recent MaineBiz article, John Belding, director of UMaine's Advanced Manufacturing Center in Orono stated that MTI projects are not charged overhead because that would be "like the state paying the state" and indeed MTI funds were used to finance the construction of The University of Maine's Advanced Manufacturing Center
For projects that have received MTI funding — around 25% of the UMaine work — the university charges no overhead expenses as "it's basically the state paying the state," Belding says. Many of those projects, he says, come to the center for development work before applying for an MTI grant and have continued support after. quoted from MaineBiz

I can never repeat too often that the University of Maine offers a minor in Marxist and Socialist Studies which can accompany any major offered by the University, thus advancing the indoctrination of the youth into the acceptance of state capitalism.

Mr Ray eventually dismissed the importance of my request with the following statement:

This program does not exist anymore and has received  General Fund appropriations since fiscal year 2003. The last time any funds were granted was in 2006. Again, no funds have been appropriated to or allocated from this fund in more than 7 years. Please let me know if this satisfies your inquiry.

I pointed out that the program still exists in the statutes and then asked him if he was telling me that, unless there was a program by another name, there have been no appropriations to benefit the micro-enterprise sector since 2003. Mr Ray did not respond.

The Excluded Middle

I then asked Mr Douglas Ray, in his function as legislative liaison for the DECD,
  • why the DECD excludes the entire retail sector from benefits and services, 
  • why the legislature has ignored Article IV part Third Section 14 of the Maine State Constitution 
  • information identifying recipients of the Maine Technology Institute grants.

My second question was not answered. Here is the response to the first and last of the questions:
The list of MTI award recipients is available on the MTI website. Any other questions regarding the work of MTI, I would encourage you to contact them directly.

My response to your request was a result of a conversation I had with MTI President Bob Martin, who told me the information you want is available on their website. As for your question regarding retail sector, retail is not an incentive priority primarily because retail is largely driven by demographics, they locate where there is a population that should be inclined to buy whatever they’re selling. Retail also has the highest failure rate of business sectors.
One need only say the words LL Bean to deflate Excluded Retail Sector excuse #1.

Excuse #2 is a rationalization based in a political ideology in which the role of government is identical with that of investment bankers. In excluding the entire retail sector, most of Main Street is excluded from benefits ( redistributed wealth) and services provided by the DECD. What is more central to a community development than Main Street?

The Transformation of the America Via State Incubators

An article of the title  America Beyond Capitalism: State and National Innovators is about a book ironically titled "America Beyond Capitalism"  there in is a spot on description of  the philosophy of MTI and other state economic development "agencies".

"A number of state and federal institutions function successfully on the principle that capital can and should be accumulated and managed in ways that provide individual citizens with an income stream from publicly backed investments."

The above statement is made in praise of a government operational principle that it is "successful" because some have been enriched by using the resources of the many to their own advantage. The article describes an escalating state  movement which is rapidly advancing state capitalism in the USA within state incubators. It is written in the newly evolved language of Marxism-in the left's ever shifting lexicon wherein the left conceals its self until its new language is revealed as the new clothes for the same old same old totalitarianism that benefits a small elite in the name of social justice.: The only thing "innovative" about state capitalism is the new language used to package it. No longer collectivism, totalitarianism, Marxism, Communism or Socialism the code word of the day is "Pluralist Commowealth principles". Perhaps the University Of Maine can offer a course on this new "innovative" concept!

The content in the article titled "Beyond Capitalism" is pure crass profit motive with no other considerations entailed- All is wonderful because someone is making a profit or other wise benefiting materialistically. Do we need to know anything else? The measure of all values is material profit- this we are told is the new "innovation" that is "beyond capitalism". According to this fools philosophy capitalism is not defined by the process of accumulating great stores of concentrated capital- but by the agency of the accumulation. If the agent is a private individual or entity- then it is capitalism- but if the agent of an exactly same process is the state- then it is "beyond capitalism"- Even better- if the state agency transfers the capital to private interests- it is "beyond capitalism" ! Got it?- Getting to the heart of the real rhetorical change that is consistent with the way Marxism has historically worked in practice- no more pretending that the wealth is redistributed to the people. The new rhetoric openly admits that it is redistributed to the "chosen ones" elite!

A fundamental difference between the American Political Philosophy and what is now called "Pluralist Commowealth principles" is that the American political philosophy has a non-materialistic foundation, created by those who believed in God, religious freedom and the natural rights of the individual- out of that emerges a system of private enterprise. Marxism in all of its new finagled names is based in sheer materialism. It has never been about anything greater than the distribution of wealth and the ownership of the means of production and out of that emerges the collectivist rhetoric about "social justice" and "public benefit" clothing a system that historically advantages an elite ruling class.

As with the Maine media, the article presents state capitalism in glowing terms absent of political philosophical discussion or critical debate meeting the definition of propaganda as found on wikipedia:
Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda statements may be partly false and partly true. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.

Opacity at the State

Mr Ray gave me a hear say report  that MTI President Bob Martin said the information I wanted was on the website and offered no links or other accommodating instructions. Someone at As Maine Goes clued me in to look under "Results". There it is reported that Textech received six grants versus the seven times  that Alan Hinsey reported. Either report could be right or wrong leaving questions about the accuracy of what is reported on line.

I contacted the State Ombudsman, Brenda Kielty, at the Attorney General's Office where there is a published  introduction promoting government transparency. I suggested that if the government really wants to be transparent and keep things honest they should have the data base online and allow the public to search the data base themselves and create their own reports. The information that I want should be readily available by applying search terms to a data base. Since the MTI is all about new tech it is inconceivable that they do not have state of the art data base functions available to them.- not to mention that it would save the bureaucracy time and the taxpayer money. This is the response received to that suggestion:


1.Information made available on an agency website but not in a searchable database format may not provide the research and investigative tool needed by the public. The Freedom of Access Act does not require that public information be posted online in any particular format, just that public records be made available. While there is a strong argument for increasing the accessibility and usefulness of information, there is no current requirement that the technology in place achieve that objective.

2.The collection of data and reports generated from that data may be public records but the agency is not required under the law to create a new record or report in response to a FOAA request. If the dataset you request does not exist, the agency may choose to produce it for any number of reasons but not because they are legally required to take such an action. I appreciate your comments on this topic and I will continue to bring attention to the need for accessible, useful public data. Brenda Kielty

I had not posed a legal question but merely made a suggestion about how transparency can be advanced using modern technology. The absence of a legal mandate to provide the public with information in any particular format does not preclude doing so. Ms Keitly's response hinted at a behind the scenes dialogue and suggests that the state is not really interested in transparency-, implying that only if required by law would the government provide the accessibility to the public, overlooking that the same "agency" -the legislature - that wrote the statute that chartered MTI, also writes the laws governing transparency. Kind of like the "state governing the state" to echo Mr Beldings comments above. 

In chartering MTI as a non-profit corporation, violating of Article IV part Third Section 14 of the Maine State Constitution-  the government can, on its own authority, make the Maine state taxpayer a non-profit contributor - and then turn around and refuse to provide accessible transparency because the laws- as written by the same "agency" that chartered MTI, do not require MTI to provide real transparency to the public. (or any other part of government). Where there is such a lack of transparency- could it be that there is something to hide?

It seems appropriate on common sense terms that if the government spokesperson answers in legal terms, that they substantiate their claims with full legal references- just as if a government spokes person answers a request by directing  the questioner to a website, that specific links be included. The failure to do so can be reasoned to be an appropriate response by saying Freedom Of Access code does not "legally" mandate that questions be answered in particular form and thus justify what is starting to look like an emerging pattern of Maine State opacity.

 I replied to Ms Keitly requesting for a legal basis for her response, pointing out that unless the legality is constitutionally based, then it constitutes a case where in that the same party that created the MTI also writes the laws governing transparency of MTI and other parts of government. I am still waiting for a response.


University of Maine Advanced Manufacturing Center 
The Maine Freedom of Access Statute

America Beyond Capitalism: State and National Innovators
By Gar Alperovitz, Truthout | Report

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Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries

Andersen Studio has a new and simpler idea for a KickStarter project which integrates beautifully with our vision for A great American ceramic Designer craftsmen Netowrk but we need marketing consultant wizards on our team who specialize in promoting crowd funding projects.

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Free China

I don't usually promote causes here but this one is so important and the music truly beautiful.

Just released on our Independence Day, July 4th. The cause is a free China so important to the free world every where where ever it is.