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Hand Making Ceramics in the USA, The Medium is still the Message

I was raised in a ceramic business in the home, which was different from its surroundings, making myself and my siblings, outsiders inside the classroom environment. When school closed and summer commenced, an alternate reality emerged, a world in which my family's art was sought after by a wide range of humanity. I felt welcomed by the foreigners and an outsider among local peers. Later when I left home for  NYC, circa 1966, I found myself surrounded by welcoming peers, a difference between night and day. It was New York City at the pinnacle of the flower power era when Greenwich Village was wall-to wall youth culture As you can imagine this formulated a peculiar psychology, so strange, that even I didn't recognize it! From Levittown To Maine in 1952 Page from Jim Harnedy's book on the Boothbay Region. The 200 year old barn which was the first home of Andersen Design was torn down after we moved to East Boothbay A while ago a high school acquaintance told me

An Economic Development and Cultural Vision by Andersen Design

Andersen Design has been invited into a partnership with the leading online venue for the antiques and contemporary design . We have been accepted in both the vintage and contemporary design categories with a mission given to us, to create a luxury line. We are inspired by the project of developing 15-20 designs selling in the range of $700.00 to $3000.00. Our company was created in 1952 with the mission to create a handcrafted product, affordable to the middle class. In 1952 there was a large middle class, but the world has changed. The time is right to create the Andersen Design luxury line, which will allow us to introduce the use of  metallic over glazes and other more expensive raw materials, and to attract highly skilled talent, while continuing to train new talent. Creating a luxury line is an artistic process requiring breathing time to develop. The artistic process used at Andersen Design is intuitional. One can make a map but to actually follow the map requires absol

A Threat to Liberty and Democracy When Suburban Rules Oppress Rural Culture

We live in the a new world order. It sneaked up upon us, cloaked in politically correct copacetic phrases such as, "for the public benefit", "essential government function", and "quality jobs" The  holders of the purse strings pick winners and losers. Capital makes the material world go round, but, man does not live by bread alone. Mankind has a spiritual core which seeks a meaning to life, beyond the mere satisfaction of his material needs, wants and desires. In my local community, a recent article in the Boothbay Register,  Business incubator a fresh idea for JEDC  reports that Roger Ferrell, a church pastor, with a background in developing a non-profit economic development organization called bGEN in South Carolina, spoke with the JECD (joint economic development council). The Minutes for the Boothbay Harbor Selectmen's meeting, January 14, 2019 tells a slightly different story as it reports that bGen is not just Mr Ferrell's backgro