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How Maine Statutory Law Evolved Under LePage: Part One

This post was recently selected for the front page of Tremr ,  an international blogger platform GOVERNOR LEPAGE: TEA PARTY CORPORATIST Governor LePage rose to power with the support of Maine's Tea party movement in the 2010 elections. LePage's campaign message decreed that it is not the role of government to create jobs, but to support private sector job creation. Paul LePage campaigned on lower taxes and fewer regulations, routing out special interests and purging the state's welfare system of waste and fraud. His crowning Job creation bill was enacted in December 2017. The Major Business Headquarters Expansion Act extended Maine's corporate welfare far beyond the geographical borders which define our state sovereignty, an act intended to position Maine advantageously in the global corporate world order. The Major Business Headquarters Expansion Act lives up to Paul LePage's description as a "transformational"act, and yet it was enacted in rem

Rambling Thoughts on Evolving Economic Paradigms.

For many centuries China produced ceramics which were inspirational throughout the world. In recent times, "made in China" evokes appropriation, commercialism, worker exploitation, and low costs for consumers in the western world. In response, in contemporary times. there is an emerging " Designed in China " movement,in China, complementing the " Made in America " mission in the USA. The transformation of the China brand typifies the transformation of popular conception of hand crafted products. I recently over heard a young woman tell her friend of the same age that it is so cool that a popular store really does sell crafts made in the third world. I have visited the store not too long ago and was taken aback by the commercial character of the work on display. It felt cold and inauthentic, reflecting the globalized corporate management of the hand craft industry. A comparison of the hand made market presented on the website for the non-profit o

The Excluded Micro Economy in the Boothbay Region and Beyond

Two recent news stories in the Boothbay Register provide an oveview of what is going on in economic development in Boothbay. On October 4, 2018, in the article titled,  JEDC future hinges on filling vacant co-chair seat , Joseph Charpentier reported that the JECD, after spending 79000 to hire New York consultants to create an economic development master plan  for the entire peninsula, is in decline. The JECD doesn't know how to implement the plan produced for the JECD by the New York consultants, Camoin Associates. The JECD has expended its welcome to use taxpayer pockets to fund its agenda. and the Boothbay co-chair is currently an unfilled position of the public-private development group. The second story, CEO’s action makes for smooth sailing for new Boothbay business , by Bill Pearson, is about the rescue by Code Enforcement Officer Jason Lorrain of a small manufacturer from a major setback at the hands of the Boothbay selectmen. Recently a local artist purchased a proper

Comment Critical of Susan Collins Kavanaugh Speech Deleted from Boothbay Register Comments

The latest comment by this author to be removed from the comment section of the Boothbay Register takes censorship of free speech beyond the realm of local politics. You can read the whole discussion- minus my response to JFxm  HERE Discussion on  Boothbay Register    4 comments Proud of Susan Collins Mackenziella     Jfxm    15 hours ago Detected as spam   Thanks, we'll work on getting this corrected. I think you are missing the point. There is something called "Separation of Powers" which is in the United States Constitution. The Powers which are separated are the Legislature, the Justice Branch, and the Administration. "Innocent until proven guilty applies in the Justice branch of government because it is ONLY the Justice branch of government which has the power to prove innocence or guilt. Without that power, "innocent until proven guilty becomes "anyone accused of a crime is innocent. PERIOD" Collins did not hono

Comment about Lepage's Major Business Headquarters Expansions Program Deleted from Boothbay Register Candidates Discussion

I was not surprised to find another comment deleted in the Boothbay Register, identified as spam, in fact, I expected it, and so I took a screenshot of it in it's published state (see below). It was posted in a discussion about local political candidates, the people who want to be our representatives, making the decisions about what legislation is enacted. spam Definition found on Miraim Webster \   ˈspam    \ Definition of  Spam  :  unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as e-mails, text messages, or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places spam spammed ;  spamming Definition of  Spam  (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb :  to send or post spam to spammed  customers with discount offers spamming  a message board intransitive verb :  to send or post spam The company was accused of  spamming  via text messages. Spam Definition of  Spam  (Entry 3 of 3) — used for a canned meat product The deleted comment brings u

Think Globally Act Locally Or How the World Government Is Being Advanced With a Little Help from their Friends- The Maine Legislature!

Marco Rubio really gets it.  ( this post will likely be rewritten and expanded upon later, with links added)  Think Globally- Act Locally- that has been the purpose of the Maine DECD since it was established in 1987 with this statement in its findings: §13051. Legislative findings (DECD) The Legislature finds that the State's economy is linked to the national and international economies. Economic changes and disruptions around the world and in the nation have a significant impact upon the State's economy. The rise of 3rd-world and 4th-world countries as manufacturers of commodities for mass markets and the gradual evolution of the national economy to a technological, informational, specialty product-based economy have significantly affected the State and its communities. [RR 2013, c. 2, §5 (COR).] The DECD is the planning board for the FAME Corporation (Financial Authority of Maine) - a corporation chartered by special act of Legislation, in violation of Article IV Part