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Maine's Gubernatorial Candidates: Michaud on Energy

The other day , I was asked, whom do I support for Governor  and I said "someone who has yet to emerge." I am commencing an investigation into Maine's gubernatorial candidates, which started unofficially with my last post on LePage's "Open For Business: campaign;  Here is a summary of the Open For Business  legislation , which I will be examining further in another post. There is much in the bill that was not mentioned in the  Kennebec Journal article  that I used as a source in my previous post. I expect this to be a sporadically organized project - as  I work spontaneously - in the moment, on the go, in between other things that need to be done. The gubernatorial hopefuls are listed here .The ones we usually hear about are Lepage, Michaud, and Cutler but there are three relative unknowns on the list others on the list: Adam Eldridge (Independent) - Project Engineer Lee Schultheis (Independent)  - Retired Financial Executive  David Slagger (Independent)

Blocked ! for "Deep-Thinking" about Maine State Corporatism

Tweet This !   I have been publishing this blog since about 2007 , During this time , it has remained an off-the grid blog in Maine politics and elsewhere with exceptions going for the forums As Maine Goes and The Maine Citizen . I have never seen this blog included on any on-line listings of Maine political blogs, although I have written to various places that post Maine political blogs, including The Maine Heritage Foundation , The Other Side of Town , and Maine Politcs , Pine Tree Watch Dog , as well as other national investigative reporting organizations. For the most part my correspondence goes unanswered. Recently, I received the following message from the Maine Conservative Patriots (Facebook): Howdy, I want to thank you for your past contributions to The Maine Conservative Patriots, you are a very deep thinker... and the most of the time, way over my head and I feel over the heads of many others on my site. I think I want to simplify

FaceBook Blocking- in-Q-Tel and the Private Hegemony Of Power

TWEET THIS:  Recently a message appeared  on my screen , being identified as from Facebook. It brought up the Facebook login screen and warned against sending friend requests to people that one does not know in one's circle of friends , family, work, and classmates I first received the message several months ago. The first message included a list of twenty names of people who did not respond to my friend request over all the years that I have been on Facebook. It asked that I delete all the requests and suggested that I stop sending friend requests for a week. The next was a list of 7 names - some of them very recent requests, which I did not think were given adequate response time. The third message to appear  told  that I am blocked for a week from adding friends and displayed a list of five names- all very recent requests- all in response to those with whom I interacted on Facebook- and one within the last hour of receiving the message This is

Maine passes Government Transparency Bill After Receiving Low National Grade For Corruption Risk

Tweet This While I was researching the University of M, I came across a thesis written by Shelby K Lane: State-Level Government: An Evaluation of Maine's Conflict of Interest Laws and Amendments to Improve Transparency Through Financial Disclosure The paper is dated 5/1/2013 . It became the basis for a bill passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Lepage on 7/3/2013 Co-incidentally during 7/2013   I was researching the statute for the Department of Economic and Community Development , which led to further questions about the Maine Technology Institute. During the process, I contacted the State Ombudsman, Brenda Kielty, at the Attorney General's Office where there is a published introduction promoting government transparency . I suggested that if the government really wants to be transparent and keep things honest they should have the database online and allow the public to search the database themselves and create their own repo

NEW Boothbay Region Politics Facebook Page!

A new Facebook Page for Boothbay Region Politics has been created. Here you can posts your Letters To the editor - unedited for word count or whatever. I only request that you keep emotion and reason in a healthy balance . Boothbay Region Politics Related Links Boothbay, Maine Needs To Reconsider Town Ordinances With Common Sense! Those who Benefit from the Closure of St Andrews Are Those Who Benefit From Relocating Boothbay's Retirement Community Boothbay Did It! No Tiffs Conspiracy Theory Maine State Tax Debate. Update Letter To Maine Government Oversight Committee A Letter to the Maine Government Oversight Committee Concerning The University Of Maine

Update Letter To Maine Government Oversight Committee

Update on letter to Government Oversight Committee: To date none will address the issues I raised -  not even from my own Senator Chris Johnson. This does not surprise me when our state is run by a hegemony of power. Its been ions since the Maine state legislature granted onto themselves the authority to centrally manage the economy and have been decreeing for years that the transference of taxpayer money to private interests is for the public good. How could anyone think otherwise? The legislature is incapable of dealing with views outside of their own hegemony and they have stopped governing by the consent of the governed decades ago. I know there are many among the governed who do not agree that the redistribution of wealth currently implemented by our legislature serves the "public benefit"- but we are not among the "targeted sector" served by our legislature. I know there are many that do not like the direction that the University of Maine is g

A Letter to the Maine Government Oversight Committee Concerning The University Of Maine

Supoort this Blog Here Today I learned  that there is a limited OPEGA report in the works, focusing on economic development funds going to the University of M. It isn't clear from this description if the cost of operating The states Advanced Manufacturing System at the University of M is covered but I have a number of questions I would like to have answered .<>;;;;;;;;;;;; Dear Senator Cain and members of the Government Oversight Commitee, I am writing to you in your capacity as the Chair of the Government Oversight Committee regarding the Opega Report of the Maine Economic Improvement Fund. I