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The Creative Economy- Behind The Optics

My next contact with the “creative economy”, was with AlanHinsey , who was then a key mover and shaker at The MidCoast Magnet . Around that time I was reading two books, one titled Free Agent Nation *by Daniel H Pink and the other The Non- Profit Economy by Burton A Weisbrod ** Free Agent Nation described the economy that I recognized from my every day perspective- the micro economy made up of small business owners such as are located in small town communities like the Boothbay Peninsula. Free Agent Nation described an America of independent individualistic free agents, preferring to run their own businesses rather than to be company men in gray flannel suits. To my daily perspective, this seemed like a true portrait of America. The Non-Profit Economy by Burton Weisbrod, written in the 1980’s, described an over all economy made up of three separate and distinct sectors- the private sector, the government sector –and the non-profit sector. Each sector, in theory, served a fun