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Whose Been Filtering the #mepolitics Twitter Stream?

TWEET THIS POST ! Yesterday, I noticed that my posts were either not displaying or went missing after a while on the #mepolitics twitter stream, which streams live on As Maine Goes. I also noticed that there were other independent political voices missing from that same stream and the stream took on an eerie appearance of the eternal brotherhood of the Maine government & the Maine press, useful, to my perspective, only in keeping up to date on news stories such as the story published by the Bangor Daily News about Question #3- yet another bond promoted as being in support of Maine's economy. Credit goes to the Bangor Daily News for still, at this date, so close to elections allowing the people's voice to be heard in the comments section, which is in stark contrast to the Maine media coverage of last years Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit.  The people's response in the comments section is a resound

Maine Investment Fund Blog Artfully Parses Language to Occlude Role of The Maine Taxpayers.

Maine Taxpayers United For The Maine Constitution TWEET THIS POST ! Just an observation but if I tweet my blog post from which this was taken with #mepolitics and another hash tag. The tweet displays on the other hash tag but not on #mepolitics. This has occurred with a number of retries with different tweets on this subject matter. This is the way politics is being done in Maine - especially as the political season heats up. The political class wants to control the talking points. That is the state of affairs of politics in Maine today. Recently The Small Enterprise Growth Fund Changed its name to The Maine Venture Fund. The MVF is a taxpayer subsidized high growth investors company. As with all of the corporations in the state corporate network, it was chartered by the Maine legislature in violation of the prohibition against the legislature chartering corporations to serve state purposes as found. in Article IV Part Third, Section 14 of the Maine Sta

Maine Taxpayers UNITED for the Maine Constitution Face Book Page

TWEET THIS POST JOIN ! What distinguishes this group from other groups is that it holds all Maine politicians accountable to the constitution of Maine- doesn't matter what party, doesn't matter if it is election season - it holds Maine politicians accountable to the constitution first and foremost . PERIOD! Please join and post and participate. Rule of Law by Consent of the Governed !

Lets Be Polite - Election Talking Points Only and No Debate Please !

TWEET THIS !! Yesterday, my energy was sidelined by this FaceBook Discussion in which I replied to this post by Candidate for State Representative Beth O' Conner with the question : Can you explain how Governor Lepage took 70 thousand of our lowest income workers off the tax rolls so they can better support their families? Beth O'Conner: To the editor: I am responding to “Wrong Camp” 9/11/14 by Rebecca Hopper. First, tha nk you Rebecca for your willingness to use your first amendment rights and the right to go out and vote as a citizen of our beautiful state.    Second, there are a few mistakes in the numbers you sighted regarding Medicaid expansion. There would not have been a savings of $570 million.   The administrative costs alone in this expansion would have cost the taxpayers in excess of 7 million dollars annually and by the 2020 -2021 biennial budget the taxpayers will have to pay an additional 150 million dollars. The federal govern

How I Know Real People Read This Blog

The stat's for number of pages read and time spent are pretty good. The top line in larger fonts represents the national numbers- also good for number of pages read and length spent reading- considering this is the internet. I don't know who you are but thanks for taking the time to read what I write.

Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries

Andersen Studio is a great resource for revitalizing an east Coast Ceramic slip casting business but we need to connect with entrepreneurial influencers who can help us to launch a successful crowdfunding project.

The Small Enterprise Growth Fund Re-named The Maine Venture Fund

TWEET THIS ! Quietly, the Small Enterprise Growth Fund has changed its name to The Maine Venture Fund , leaving the world to wonder why. Freshening up their image? Having numerology concerns? Or perhaps for a legal reason that one can only fictionalize upon- but there it is - The Small Enterprise Growth Fund is now being called the Maine Venture Fund- just another episode in the ongoing linguistic re-configuration of reality. Website (for more information): Overview:  The SEGF is a professionally-managed venture capital fund that invests exclusively in Maine companies who demonstrate a potential for high growth and public benefit . The Fund has been actively investing in Maine companies since 1997, after its creation by an act of the Maine Legislature in 1995 to provide Maine companies and entrepreneurs access to patient sources of venture capital. The fund has received $13 million in capital contributions from the Sta

OOPS- Maybe the Maine State Inc Owned Liquor Business Isn't As Profitable As Projected!

Tweet this post with short link: Maine officials worry state effort won’t recapture revenue lost in alcohol sales to NH Bangor Daily News Under the previous contract, inked by the administration of former Gov. John Baldacci, the state was paid $125 million plus a small percentage of the annual profits between $7 million and $9 million per year over the contract’s 10-year span. The company doing the work, however, made about $36 million each year in profit. Now how unfair is that- the company DOING THE WORK is making a bigger share of the profits that the corporation of Maine?  Gotta change that ! And I am sure companies will be rushing to compete for the contract especially after the University of Maine business consortium (a kinder, gentler way of saying public- private oligarchy), arranged to have the PUC terms of agreement changed in the Wind Baron Wars *  in order to chase Norwegian company Statoil out of Maine so that Maine State Inc could cre

   How is State Capitalism working out in Maine?

Under state capitalism cloaked in the language of quasi's and public-private relationships. the Maine State legislature accommodates the interests of state capitalism and/or it's chosen private beneficiaries by routinely rewriting the laws. When the state liquor contract laws were re-written to accommodate one company while making the incentives system of another bidder illegal, why was Governor Lepage so disappointed that there was only one bidder- the one for which the law was tailor made?

New Hampshire Passes Benefit Corporation Certification Bill

TWEET THIS USING THIS SHORT This is an interesting new development coming out of New Hampshire. When I first saw these words "Governor Hassan Ceremonially Signs NH Benefit Corporation Act at Badger Balm"- I thought Uh Oh New Hampshire is now going the way of Maine- but upon further reading I found this was not the case. This is a bill about Benefit Company certification . I think I mostly like it. Over the years of operating as a private enterprise, which has donated to umpteen hundred non-profit causes, I was often offended by non-profits as well - especially when I found them operating in the free market while conducting practices that go against the conventional standards of the free market - and when asked why would  answer such as "because we serve the public good" always with the undertone of "if you are not non-profit then you do not serve the public good" and I know this is not the case. There are plenty of private en