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The Preserving The American Political Philsophy KickStarter Project IS HERE NOW!

I've been blogging about the Maine economy since around 2007 when my blog was called Main Street Economy . Day One starting at 1:26 PM Goal Reached  _   Dollars out of $1000.00 In 2008 I attended a Juice Conference at the encouragement of someone at Maine Arts Commission, who was promoting, what I took to be, a modest grant but which later turned out to be an investment. The investment opportunity was promoted as coming from an "anonymous donor ( or perhaps it might have said "investor"). As it turned out this was The Small Enterprise Growth Fund , which I had seen in passing but had not spent time on as it was promoted as a "high growth Investors group" which to my understanding means the type of investor that wants to make a large profit in a relatively short time for which the investor takes a larger risk that usual. This sort of investor does not suit the profile that interests a small ceramic design and manufacturing company like Andersen Stud

As Confucius Institute installed at USM, American & New England Studies Become a Candidate For The Cutting Board

Recently in the news , The University of Maine is considering cutting American and New England Studies, a course offered at the University of Southern, Maine. According to testimony of former student: Dr. Pease's Hamilton and Jefferson course at UMO and it was one of the most important American history courses I've ever taken. He had a passion for the topic The course was a course on the Federalists Papers . Today when I searched for the phrase " federalist papers " on the University of Maine curriculum, it came up blank and there appears (to my limited knowledge and research efforts)  to be only one course offered in American and New England Studies and that is currently under consideration for the cutting board. And yet the University of Maine was recently able to Install the Confucius Institute on Campus- why because money is provided by China and that is all it takes in Maine where our government is always looking for sources of outside capital