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My Journey Through Medium as a Writer

What Difference A Curve Makes   I am shifting my writing focus from a personal blog to  Medium  where I can potentially reach a wider audience. However what I like about publishing my own independent blog is being able to say what I think. One can potentially get greater exposure on Medium by publishing in publications, but that sometimes has the effect of limiting what one can say, which sometimes is fine and at other times I question if I am losing the purpose that motivates me to write in the first place. The Medium curators are like an anonymous board floating in the ether. There is no direct communication between writers and curators. One finds oneself guided by rumors about what the rules are. One rule is that one cannot re-publish articles — but what exactly does that mean? At first, being unaware of the rule, I published some posts generally. My post  What Difference A Curve Makes  was picked up by StartUp, Mediums most active publication. Then I learned about