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Blocked Comment on Boothbay Register Re Switch from DOT Financing to TIF Financing.

I became engaged in a discussion on the Boothbay Register, in response to a letter titled Praise For the Roundabout and Surroundings , wherein, as has become the custom, another of my comments has been blocked with the "pending" option. I reposted the response as a stand-alone comment it is also now "pending" in my Disqus profile. The Register recently posted some rules about polite conversations but it is quite obvious that Coulombe and his supporters make consistence use of the ad hominem argument, attacking the speaker rather than addressing points made. These posters become progressively more vicious if one continues to speak one's mind despite their obvious attempts to bully all opposition into silence. Their posts remain in full public view. I have found the user blocking function on Disqus so that most of those who argue by such method will no longer see my posts and I will not see theirs. I do not know if the Register will take any actions to suppo