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The Maine Capital Corporation-Seeds of Fundamental Transformation

The capital stock was issued on August 7, 1980, to 6 individuals, 6 corporations, and 19 banks. THE MAINE CAPITAL CORPORATION Report of a Study by the JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON TAXATION  This blog is the opinion of a layperson and citizen of Maine. In the year 1976,  under the leadership of Governor Longley's board , the Maine constitutional government was replaced with a centrally managed government based on public-private relationships. Longley's special board was composed, of the heads of Maine's largest and most powerful industries. The board produced a report identifying two objectives. One objective was to eliminate the municipal referendum on economic development bonds authorized by  the Home Rule amendment to the Maine constitution in 1969. The other objective, identified in  The Governor's Task Force for Economic Redevelopment, Recommended Legislation for an Economic Development Program -110th Congress  was ,  pursuant to  the Maine Constitutio

Meeting at Maine Statehouse on Penalties for Violations of Maine's Freedom of Information Act.

NOTICE OD A MEETING AT THE STATEHOUSE ABOUT PENALTIES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE MAINE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT: I recently posted in the Boothbay Register public forum concerning the secret agreement between the Boothbay selectmen and Maine Coastal Botanical Gardens Inc, opining that it violates due process provided in Maine's Freedom of Information Act - and posted this section from that act: Title 1: GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 13: PUBLIC RECORDS AND PROCEEDINGS Subchapter 1: FREEDOM OF ACCESS §407. Decisions 1. Conditional approval or denial. Every agency shall make a written record of every decision involving the conditional approval or denial of an application, license, certificate or any other type of permit. The agency shall set forth in the record the reason or reasons for its decision and make finding of the fact, in writing, sufficient to appraise the applicant and any interested member of the public of the basis for the decision. A written record or a copy ther

A Convenient Law Suit & New Commercial Development at Maine Coastal Botanical Gardens Inc.

While the super-funded Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Inc is busy using it's vast re-distributed wealth to bully the Town of Boothbay, Maine.into allowing the Gardens to build a parking l ot in the water shed, few are paying attention to the fact that the tax-exempt Gardens is also expanding its commercial operations via a restaurant and an expanded gift store. Meanwhile, thanks to the distributive policies of the Maine DOT , Maine state taxpayers were required to pay one third of the cost of rerouting the traffic patterns entering and exiting Boothbay Harbor by creating an obstacle in the formerly unobstructed roadway so that the traffic pattern goes directly from Coastal Gardens Incorporated to Paul Couloumbs Country Club and planned shopping mall. The co-chair of the JECD public-private development group, W endy Wolf, when running for State Selectmen weighed in on the round about issue by glibly saying she supported t he round about because "it wasn't a
Prototype design- Carved Vase by Weston Neil Andersen This weekend, on Saturday , April 7th, Andersen Design will be featured in the First Vintage Show at the Wiscasset Community Center 242 Gardiner Rd Wiscasset, Maine 04578 Phone(207) 882-8230Website A sampling of cobbles- small inexpensive but individualistic ceramic art The entry road to the Center runs next to the sports field to the Wiscasset High School. Traveling on the road headed to Augusta from Wiscasset, t he entry road is before on epasses the sports field. There is a red & white sign announcing the show. The show includes work made by local artisans . We fit into both the vintage and local artisans category and will be displaying both. An early 1950's Andersen Chowder Bowl, signed in the hand written Andersen signature For the last several months, I have been photographing our vintage work and publishing it in an Air Table data base. The data base is not y