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Which Currency will Emerge as Most Valued in the New World Order ?

pascal-meier-unsplash Also published on Medium;s Data Driven Investor I woke up in the morning contemplating how the world had just suddenly changed over night, or at least the human perception of the world. My thoughts then jumped to a time I have only read about, when a similar event happened in the realm of science. The story goes that around the turn of the twentieth century, scientists believed that mankind had figured everything out that there was to know about how the workings of the physical world except what was considered to be a minor detail. Existing theory could not account for why the observed spectrum of black body radiation, diverged at higher frequencies from what was predicted. Plank solved the mystery by making a different assumption about the nature of the frequency of black body radiation. Others were assuming that radiation was continuous but Plank assumed that atoms could only vibrate at certain frequencies that were whole number multiples of a base fre

Money is for Nothing and Your Checks for Free!

The uncertain intent of coronavirus relief. Did it target the wrong objective? Photo by  David Schultz  on  Unsplash Update: After being told that working with independent contractors does not qualify for the Small Business relief loans, I did my own research and found different information on National Law Review- but I don't have time to rewrite this blog post now: To determine a small business’s eligibility, the CARES Act would require lenders to determine: (1) whether a business was operational on February 15, 2020, and (2) whether the business had employees for whom it paid salaries and payroll taxes, or paid independent contractors, and (3) whether the business has been substantially impacted by COVID-19. The legislation would also delegate more authority to lenders on eligibility determinations without requiring them to go through all of the usual SBA channels.  National Law Review In my last post, Economic Complexity Theory in the Time of Coronavirus , I observed

What’s Wrong with Democratic Socialism ?

Originally written for Medium Democratic Socialism has existed in the US longer than you may know. Cloudvisual-co-uk-unsplash (1) If one understands Democratic Socialism as a centrally managed wealth redistribution economy, the USA has been a Democratic Socialist society since at least the 1960's. In 1964 the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 was enacted by the federal government, promoted as an program to combat poverty. In 1965 The National Endowment for the Arts was enacted. This was followed by the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968 , a design to centrally coordinate every unit of government, from the federal to the local, using government grants (wealth redistribution) as its instrument. The transition that begins with creating a policy to improve the lives of the most distressed takes only four years to “mobilize human and financial resources” in service of a full blown top-down economy using grants to influence or control the economic developme