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TWEET THIS: Rosa Koire records he own interviews. One can understand why when one compares the interview to the article published David Morris for     Rosa disc usses  governance by UN-elected boards funded by foundations . This governing structure is embedded in the unconstitutional statutes chartering Maine's corporate network serving as an instrumentality of the sate. Not only are unconstitutional corporation that make up Maine State Inc, tax payer funded but they are set up to take money from anyone- including large corporations (More Out Takes from DOWNLOADABLE TIME LINE) 1876 Separation of Corporation & State Article IV Part Third Section 14 added to Maine State Constitution forbidding the legislature to charter corporations by special acts of legislation Article IV. Part Third. Legislative Power Section 13.  Special legislation.   The Legislature shall, from time to time, provide, as far as practicable, by gen

     Preserving The American Political Philosophy: New! Mini Time lines of Incrementalism Added to Timeline Exposing Stautory Transformation Of Maine

Added new mini time line of incrementalism to A Maine Citizen's Journey Through the statutes of transformation. Mini timeline depicts how legislature has merged its self authorized authority to centrally manage the Maine Economy with it's self assigned jurisdiction over educational matters at the University Of Maine- after the University of Maine was deemed by statute to be an instrumentality of the state. Includes moves taken in the 2013 legislative sessions one of the most aggressive sessions ever for asserting the hegemonic power of the state over all things in the former state of Maine- now transformed into a colony of Maine State Inc. Also an update on Governor Lepage's trip to China to secure deal with Norinco- a company sanctioned for selling arms to Iran.

New! Mini Time lines of Incrementalism Added to Timeline Exposing Stautory Transformation Of Maine

My Time Line is a fund raising flop- apparently too far off the grid to generate public interest, although people like and share the promos- only one downloaded the timeline to date -which is designed to make the hidden whole visible. Maine State Inc officially exists but without a name. It officially exists as a vast network of state corporations which is progressively transferring power and public wealth into its own hands. And so I continue to update Time Line. I have added dates to chapter titles and today I added  Mini Timelines of Incrementalism to the menu items. I added Mini Time Line Of Incremental-ism:State Control over Education & Publicly Funded Workforce today- which is can be much longer but for now this suffices. If you want the links- your will need to download the Time Line!! (Low and behold I am now having difficulties inserting images on blogger- so here it I sin text form) 1977 Legislature deems centrally managing economy to be a new “essential

Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries: One of A Kind Art Object Offered in Mold Making Crowdfunder Project.

Rare large Fish decorated as One of a Kind Art to be offered in Mackenzie Andersen's Crowdfunder for raising capital for a mold for Tufted Titmouse bird sculpture. Other rewards to include one of a kind bowls and specially crafted mugs,

Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries

This is the Tufted Titmouse Sculpture for which the wax phase was completed over a year ago.I am in the process of launching a crowdfunding project to contract with outside production to have the mold produced. Also shown : an eagle sculpture as a work in progress which will also need a mold produced.

Juxtapositions of Fragments From The Whole - Food For Thought!

The purpose of The Time Line is to put the parts into the context of the whole That's when an intentionalism starts to seem very apparent: - with that thought in mind I am juxtaposing some of the interconnected fragments of the whole: From The Time Line   DOWNLOAD HERE                                                                                                           **************************

Targeted Sector Economic is A Cloward & Piven Strategy Targeting The Middle Class

From the Time Line A Maine Citizen's Journey Through The Statutes of Transformation: The Maine Economic Growth Council Report

Special PayPal Sale today at Andersen Studio

Weston and Brenda Andersen showed this bird to a Japanese buyer, he said one word -"Shibui". And now.. A Special Note From Our Sponsor     Andersen Studio is Made in America- Made in Maine Handcrafted Ceramic Art Since 1952. We have a classic line of stoneware nature art plus an elegant line of handcrafted functional forms. Check Us Out!     Today I am offering readers of this blog   a special discount of 20% when paying by PayPal. The Coupon Code is  SMAJUNE12PAYPAL Go to Andersen Studio Website Three Ceramic Seals Emerging From Water make a conversation.

A New Beginning Returns To The Beginning

TWEET with this short link This is a story that I have tried to tell for years but could not quite put the pen to the paper. I think I was blocked about revealing the emotional catharsis, which in my view is inseparable from the experience but not a subject matter that seemed appropriate to the context of the blog until now. The story suddenly found it's way out into the larger world when I needed to write an About Us page for the Shopzilla Shop where I am marketing the digital  download  time line that I created as a product to sell in the free enterprise system. The product seems more appropriate to a non-profit organization, but that is not a viable option in the USA year 2014 for the content that I am producing- and thus I went opted for the free enterprise system- which is my preference any way. I am sure that just about everyone will tell me my approach is wrong, and this may be true, but wrong is the only way I know and so I have to function withi

Shifting Focus but a New Maine Constitution Movement Entering the Picture

With The exception of one, I can garner no public interest in downloading the time line I have created which documents the statutory transformation of Maine into a Communist State. However there is now a new interest in the Maine Constitution. I am working on trying to get the organizers of this symposium to take an interest in the work I have done- but as of now no success on that score yet. Since I am unable to find a means of generating a cash flow from this blog, I will be pulling back on energy devoted here as I need to focus on my own business- which is how I became involved with this research to begin with- so do not be surprised to see future posts in which my own business journey is woven into the subject matter of this blog. That way I can justify the time and energy spent here in. PRESS RELEASE June 6, 2014 History Making Symposium The Maine Constitution has been mangled! A panel of researchers from the Maine Constitution Coalition will break new ground in this histo

The Remarkable Advantages of Having The State A Member of Your Business Consortium!

Introducing the Downloadable Timeline- Above The Law Download A Free Peek Inside! OR You can download the Time Line at The Preserving The American Political Philosophy On Shopify Thanks Mackenzie When I set out to produce this timeline, I  had no idea how long it would take. It became a learning process in the works. I started out with the knowledge that I have accumulated during four years of independent research. In the process of constructing this timeline, I gathered more information. The timeline documents how centralized management of the Maine economy was established and entrenched- statute by statute and in the process a new government was put into place - that of  a corporate state. The process by which Maine was transformed is largely unconstitutional by the Maine State Constitution which , when honored, is government by the consent of the governed. The vast interconnected network of state corporations governed by UN-elected boards and a