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The Maine Legislature's Official Support for Taiwan and the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement

As a matter of reference, I am posting this statute passed by the Maine Legislature in 2013 and transmitted to President Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwan and to the Director-General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston. The Taiwan Relations Act of the United States was signed into law in 1979 permitting "unofficial" relations between Taiwan and the USA: In addition to this provision, the TRA provides for the continuation of “unofficial” diplomatic ties between the two societies. Washington maintains an “unofficial” embassy in Taipei (the American Institute in Taiwan or AIT), while Taipei operates an “unofficial” embassy in Washington, D.C. (the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Representative Office or TECRO). Both sides also operate “unofficial” consulate offices. These entities manage travel documents, facilitate communication with local authorities, and represent their respective governments when negotiating commercial and other agreements Policy Brief Series: The Ta

Should a "Broad Public Charity" Be Required, By Definition, To Serve The Middle Sector ?

Petition Maine Technology Institute to offer Fiscal Sponsorship §15309. Liberal construction This chapter must be construed liberally to effect the interest and purposes of the institute for an improved science and technology capacity-building effort in the State and must be broadly interpreted to effect that intent and those purposes.  [ 1999,  c. 401,  Pt. AAA,  §3  (NEW) .] SECTION HISTORY 1999,  c. 401,  §AAA3  (NEW) . A LIBERALLY CONSTRUED INTERPRETATION OF " IMPROVED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY" IS INCLUSIVE OF ANY ACTIVITY RELYING ON ANY SCIENCE AND ANY TECHNOLOGY, which as a general practice is constantly under improvement. I am still at only 3 signatures supporting this petition ! The Maine Technology Institute is a public non-profit charity with the non-profit purpose of supporting companies that develop products for the commercial market. 2Purpose The institute , through a public and private partnership, shall encourage, promote, stimulate a