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Angus King's Almost Legal Insider's Investment Club. - Part One

Tweet This !! More on The Small Enterprise Growth Fund (since 2014 known as The Maine Venture Fund), signed into law by Angus King to become the most secretive Maine state corporation ever . I have been writing about the SEGF since 2009, when I  participated in competition at the  Juice Conference for what seemed to be a micro-economy investment, promoted as contributed by an "anonymous donor", later revealed to be the SEGF. At that conference and on the SEGF's website the taxpayer's role in subsidizing this investment company is promoted with the explanation that for every dollar that the Maine taxpayers "invest", high growth investors contribute nine dollars. When I first heard this statement and until a few days ago, I took it to be a case of incorrect language as the model that I had constructed in my mind was one in which investments are made on an individual basis in individual companies and so it seemed to me that i

Secular Saints of the Corporate State

  From  the charter for the Finance Authority of Maine  The above statement is found in the charter for the Finance Authority of Maine. It is a most astounding statement because it constitutes a legislative decree about the character of certain individuals and associations which practically ordains them into sainthood. By legislative decree, individuals and associations which privately benefit through the activities of the Finance Authority of Maine are motivated by only the purest of motives to serve the "public benefit" - whatever that may be, and whenever the powers that be, want it to be it.  Any private benefits that confer upon themselves, as a public-private relationship, is a pure chance of circumstance. Which type of government defines human character by legislative decree? Not that created by the founders of the United States Constitution. The Federalist Papers recorded the thought process which became the United States Constitution. Publius first examin