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My story on The University of Main eis Hot Off The Press on Medium My article titled How The Morrill Act gave birth to Public Ownership of Private Intellectual Property in the USA.makes the "Hot off the Press" section of Medium's Dialogue * Discourse. This is a history which begins with a  Morrill Land Grant from the federal government which caused controversy because the federal policy of free higher education conflicted with"The New England Idea" “The New England Idea” embodied the belief that the individual rather than the state pays for the cost of higher education and professional training. I followed history through books and legislative records and enacted statutes, to the transformation of the New England Idea into the Communist Idea regarding  intellectual property rights, entrenched at The University of Maine . I know of the intellectual property rights policy implemented by the University of Maine. a land grant college, given birt

How Are We Doing with Free Speech in the USA?

How “The New England Idea” became “ the Communist Idea” ” at the University of Maine   "The Communist Idea" being that authors do not own the rights to their intellectual creations Clement Clay Photo Attribution Mathew Brady [Public domain] I recently published this history of the University of Maine on Medium , selecting the same publication that published my story on IDEXX,Dialogue and DiscIourse.   When i posted my recent stories, I used the drop down menu but I did not get the confirmation that either story had been submitted to the publication, instead they are published outside of a publication where they receive minimal exposure. This is nothing new in my experience. Note : 12 15 2019 Since I published this, I have discovered that the corruption of my publishing function, may be due to having registered under same name twice. This is not yet confirmed, but in the meantime, I have deleted the University of Maine post so that I can resubmit it. Lic

IDEXX Becomes First Corporation to Exploit Maine’s Global Corporate Welfare Act

IDEXX Becomes First Corporation to Exploit Maine’s Global Corporate Welfare Act I am now publishing on Medium, a place where over 10000 writers from around the world contribute, and where there are many publications to which one can submit one's work, or create one's own publication. Readers can follow writers and publications. By so doing one creates a personally curated network  displayed in a section on Medium's home page, There is original writing on every topic, from cooking to quantum physics. Many well known magazines are on Medium, At five dollars a month it is a good bang for the buck. I have been accepted as a writer for three publications to date, The Start Up  is the most active Media publication, Be Unique , which is a smaller and growing publication, and Dialogue & Discourse , my favorite Media publication, thus far. As I joined Medium was undergoing a policy change whereby writer compensation is no longer built on applause, but on th