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Someone's Messing with My Code !

Notice: I recently found that html code which takes away the functionality of  links, had been inserted into these two posts "Improved" Seed Capital Tax Credit Ramps Up Benefits For Maine's "Targeted Sector" Communism and State Ownership of Intellectual Property The Mystery Of TideSmart Global Stimulus Funding and the Vanishing Media Coverage I was informed that Mr Woods (TideSmart Global CEO) dropped out of the race and gave support to Michaud. Still the story needs attention and says something about a Michaud supporter. Something very fishy is going on- BIG Time because Tide Smart Global was a very expensive b usiness campus to build. Was Governor Baldacci really there at the opening ceremony thanking Obama and the state for stimulus funding tor which there is no record? If this hugely expensive campus was not financed by federal and state stimulus funds- then how was it financed and why the phoney story? If Baldacci was really there. i

A History In The Making That Could Be

A snapshot of a conversation on As Maine Goes pmcanusa: Agreeing with me will not change anything and since they (liberals) now control or have throttled all three branches of government there is nothing we can do about it save revolution and that will get us nowhere since we are outnumbered and outgunned. Shay tried it in the 1700s and the south tried in the 1800s. By the time the Chinese need to take us over we will have already turned the place into a wasteland that they don't even want. The Jews have already come full cycle and even if the eliminate all the Palestinians their inability to control their po9pulation will only result in the same thing happening until all of the earth's reproducible natural resources are gone. Mackenzie Andersen :Well- we could exercise our People's Vote provided to the Maine people by the Constitution. Wish the signatures could be gathered in time for a People's Vote on the Seed Capital Tax Credit . If such a mir

LD743 An Act to Extend The Seed Capital Tax Credit Calls For A People's Vote

I believe that the Maine people, which ever side of the ideological divide they fall on, are missing a monumental opportunity if they fail to collect the signatures for a people's vote on LD743. I understand that success requires an pre-existing organization, capable of succeeding at a state wide effort, to that end, I sent this letter, to the Boothbay Register, the Lincoln County News, and the Portland Phoenix in hopes that it will resonate with those that have influence on the organized activists movements in Maine. It would be inspirational to see all sides come together to work on a singular cause.   Dear Editor, During the last legislative session, which closed on July 10 th , the legislature passed an LD 743 titled “An Act To Extend And Improve the Seed Capital Tax Credit Program”. It was heralded by all the Maine media as desperately needed in support of Maine entrepreneurs, which as it works with our legislature means Maine entrepreneurs that satisfy the requirements

"Improved" Seed Capital Tax Credit Ramps Up Benefits For Maine's "Targeted Sector"

Tweet This !! Sales Tax Increase for Main Street but An Exemption for The Targeted Sector As Previously reported , the entire retail sector is excluded from the services and redistributive benefits of The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development so why is Mr Douglas Ray, the legislative liaison for the DECD issuing a press release about a sales tax exemption for one of Maine's special interest industries- the aviation industry ? Looks like it isn't the entire retail industry after all- merely Main Street that is excluded. The extension of a sales-tax-free-ride for a favored special interest in the legislature's "targeted sector", comes after recently announcing a new tax hike on the general Maine economy. Championing the sales tax relief for the Aviation Industry is Governor Paul LePage who says "This exemption is absolutely critical to sustaining and building upon the success the industry has already exper