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Mayor LePage on Baldacci Reducing Funding To Municipalities

Tweet This As Governor, LePage seems on track to implement the Steve Woods plan of nudging the inhabitants of rural towns to move into urban centers. Steve Woods was then the would be CEO of the corporate state. In the video Mr Woods explains that the inhabitants of 108 Maine Towns are not serving the corporation as they should be. Mr Woods says the 108 municipalities of Maine are costing the  corporation five times as much as the corporations recieves from these instrumentalities in sales tax revenue. Mr Woods speaks as a man managing a corporation not as a would be Governor of a state. He speaks in calm Obamaesque tones signaling that we can surely trust this erudite man so pro-active for the cause of state corporatism . The corporate state replaced Maine's constitution back in 1976 when Governor Longely called in the heads of Maine industry to restructure Maine as corporatio n, kicking the old fashioned Maine constitution out of the w

How the Maine Legislature Robbed the Department of Corrections to Fund Industry Partnerships

Tweet This ! The debate over Governor LePage's budget is a hot one. Last night I commented on an article in the Bangor Daily News   Here we go again’: Maine communities fight LePage plan to cut state aid Once again my  comment is not to be found this morning, using a search of my user name. A reply I made to someone elses comment comes up but not my own comment, which mirrors the way in which my ability to posts tweets on #mepolitcs was temporarily disabled (now back to norm). Direct posts are affected but not replies to others: When I posted, I made a screen shot in case my comment would once again be scrubbed: That's not say easy to read so here it is in text form: The state took money from its own government services to finance Industry partnerships in 2013- yet another bill to redistribute taxpayer money to private businesses, which is not a government function. The fiscal note LD 90 shows funds taken from num

Fascism (State Corporatism) Parsed in Kinder Gentler Terms

Tweet This ! This is a post I wrote  for a disussion on The Lepage Tax Plan The Maine Citizen  Woodcanoe- the whole plan to me looks like an attack on local sovereignty. Lorring and MRRA have none- the "middleman" (local government) has been eliminated for those two towns. Ever since The corporate state was established under Governor Longley as the first corporation The Maine Development Foundation, every administration has embraced the corporate state- it allows them to be business developers but business developers are not representatives of the public- they serve business interests only, which the legislature spins as "for the public benefit" which applies to the legislaure's targeted sector only, apparently businesses not in the targeted sector do not serve the public benefit. The state corporations are frequently named as business development corporations- including MRRA and Lorring and the DECD corporation. - Wha

2013 Maine Municipalities Warned to Tighten their Belts as Seed Capital Tax Credit Expands Eightfold

Tweet This: Worth a Listen: Compiled from various notes:  Feb 2013   An Act To Provide Greater Access to Capital for Certain BusinessesThrough Advance Payment of Employment Tax IncrementFinancing Benefits  SUMMARY 36 This bill allows the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, under 37 extraordinary circumstances, to provide advance payments of employment tax increment 38 financing benefits to a qualified business based on a net present value calculation of the 39 projected employment tax increment financing benefit to the business. The advance 40 payment must be made in the form of a loan through the Maine Rural Development 41 Authority, pursuant to applicable conditions and requirements. Commentary This refers to the (up to) 80%payroll  tax credit that the state provides to its targeted sector- or in other words that the state requires the tax-paying sector (employees , retail sector, other