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Comment about Lepage's Major Business Headquarters Expansions Program Deleted from Boothbay Register Candidates Discussion

I was not surprised to find another comment deleted in the Boothbay Register, identified as spam, in fact, I expected it, and so I took a screenshot of it in it's published state (see below). It was posted in a discussion about local political candidates, the people who want to be our representatives, making the decisions about what legislation is enacted. spam Definition found on Miraim Webster \   ˈspam    \ Definition of  Spam  :  unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as e-mails, text messages, or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places spam spammed ;  spamming Definition of  Spam  (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb :  to send or post spam to spammed  customers with discount offers spamming  a message board intransitive verb :  to send or post spam The company was accused of  spamming  via text messages. Spam Definition of  Spam  (Entry 3 of 3) — used for a canned meat product The deleted comment brings u

Think Globally Act Locally Or How the World Government Is Being Advanced With a Little Help from their Friends- The Maine Legislature!

Marco Rubio really gets it.  ( this post will likely be rewritten and expanded upon later, with links added)  Think Globally- Act Locally- that has been the purpose of the Maine DECD since it was established in 1987 with this statement in its findings: §13051. Legislative findings (DECD) The Legislature finds that the State's economy is linked to the national and international economies. Economic changes and disruptions around the world and in the nation have a significant impact upon the State's economy. The rise of 3rd-world and 4th-world countries as manufacturers of commodities for mass markets and the gradual evolution of the national economy to a technological, informational, specialty product-based economy have significantly affected the State and its communities. [RR 2013, c. 2, §5 (COR).] The DECD is the planning board for the FAME Corporation (Financial Authority of Maine) - a corporation chartered by special act of Legislation, in violation of Article IV Part

How the Boothbay Roundabout Was Sold

In a story published in the Boothbay Register,  in May of 2014      The return of the TIF ,   the TIF district which was passed did not  include the controversial village improvement plan, traffic roundabout or borrowing money to pay for a municipal bond. In 2016, the town entered into a financial partnership with the Maine Department of Transportation to finance a roundabout. According to the DOT Cooperative Agreement,  the Developer. Paul Coulombe ("PGC5 LLC") hired the design firm to design the roundabout which required approval by  DOT.  I have never found confirmation of the identity of the design firm hired by the Developer. In March of 2016, a proposal including a re-routed Corey Lane, a new entrance to Back River Road and roundabout near the Boothbay Common was published in the Boothbay Register as a plan approved by the Maine Department of Transportation. The Boothbay Register website displays a video approved by DOT .   The video is presented by Mark Lenters of GH