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Home Rule VS Dillon's Law

TO BE OR NOT TO BE SOVEREIGN Sample of the book, Public Private Relationships and The New Owners of the Means of Production,, from the chapter To Be or Not To Be Sovereign. To read more and to find out which Maine towns have been made indentured to a corporation by the Maine Legislature purchase the downloadable manuscript in the side bar on the right. In 19 93 The Main e Legislature chartered its first Maine town that would be governed as an “instrumentality of the state” The t own was given the name, The Loring Development Authority. It occupied a former military base which had lost 1000 jobs. Why let a crisis go to waste? A chance to implement a new political system! The story of the Loring Naval Base, The Cutler Navy Base and the Brunswick Navy Base are another chapter in the saga of what happens to when The United States withdraws its' military presence and a void is created into which hostile forces move. The United States Navy was p

Donald Trump. Tax Opacity and the Secret World of Public Private Relationships No surprise that my tweets promoting this book and its message are being blocked by the #mepolitics twitter stream. Suffice it to say that the #mepolitics twitter stream is the voice of the hegemony that my book confronts and challenges. The  #mepolitics  twitter stream  is the combined voice of Maine political power and the Maine main stream media. Public Private Relationships and the New Owners of the Means of Production confronts the ways in which the hegemony of power has exploited the people of Maine and betrayed Maine's  Constitution. In other blocking news, national radio host Dana Loesch put out an excellent video on why she does not support Donald Trump and does not accept Mr Trump as a conservative. The video goes by the title of The Truth About Donald Trump and tells a story of Trumps past and his mobster business partners. Dana asks "Do we want a man with such a history picking cabinet members ?" Dana Loesch's  

New Book: Public Private Relationships and The New Ownership of The Means of Production

Tweet This !  F or the last six years  Mackenzie Andersen  has been independently researching the history of Maine's economic development statutes. Public Private Relationships and The New Owners of the Means of Production takes all the research she accumulated since 2009 and hones it down into a snap shot. The result is an new perspective on the history of Maine focusing on the years since 1979 when under the Longley Administration, the State of Maine began its transformation into the corporation of Maine. In 1979 Governor Longley invited the heads of Maine Industry to take the leadership role in writing new statutes which would over ride the Maine Constitution's prohibition against corporations chartered by special acts of legislation. Two corporations were chartered. The Maine Capital Corporation, a private investment corporation subsidized with tax credits and the Maine Development Foundation,which would design and function as activists for c