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Why Maine Should Say NO to Bonds!

TWEET THIS: Bonds are one of the ways that the Corporation of Maine finances its perpetual expansion and dominance over the free enterprise system. As the corporation of Maine concentrates the bulk of available capital in Maine under its own control, it drives the collective socio-economic culture of Maine in the direction determined by a class of overlords- some elected (the legislature and administration) and some not (the tzars and private partners in "public-private relationships). Governor Lepage's recent comment that "$100,000.00 a year income is not that wealthy" reflects the age old character of those in pursuit of wealth for wealth's sake, it is never enough- the goal is perpetually moved- one can never reach it because there is always someone wealthier until one gets to the level of the George Soros's of the world , a man on record of saying it is fun to use his wealth to destroy nations. This attitude is also present of the

Maine Candidate Anna Morkeski Running on Local Government Control Over Maine State Dominance.

Click to read story on Lincoln County News TWEET THIS Anna Morkeski sounds good but in terms of right to work, it has to be factored in that while no union dues are charged to its beneficiaries, the Maine gov is currently writing statutes that mandate employee pay and benefits for its targeted sector (companies providing above average income) as a bargaining chip in exchange for giving owners of the means of production up to 100% tax exemption on corporate and personal income tax and a tax credit of up to 80 % payroll taxes - the largest payroll taxes in the state which the Maine Gov passes the lion's share on to the general tax payer via the Pine Tree Zone tax incentives program. This means that while beneficiaries of the state's negotiations do not pay union dues in effect the general Maine tax payer covers the union dues regardless of whether or not the taxpayer is the beneficiary, while the corporation of Maine ends up with an high end em

Can a Write in Vote For The Late Governor Seldon Connor Effect A Paradigm Shift in Maine Politics?

TWEET THIS ! I do not feel that any candidate running for governor truly supports the interests of the state of Maine. Since I have been researching the economic development statutes it has become clear to me that since the Maine legislature deemed that centrally managing the economy is an essential government function in 1977 when the legislature chartered the Maine Development Foundation Corporation, that every governor and every legislature has advanced the corporate state no matter what party is in control and the media has obediently not questioned or engaged any conversation about the underlying political philosophy that is being altered by such actions on the part of our legislature and administrations.There is never a point in time when the political philosophy at work is included in the political talking points of the day. And so as Mikkel Clair Nissen describes about Denmark, there is no right - as in conservative- side of politics in Maine today