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25% for You- 75% for Maine State INC in Maine's Put ME to Work Bill

Tweet This Link to Part One  We Can Spend Your Money Because We Know What's Good For You ! As I set out to write the second half of the blog post I started yesterday, I am searching for the actual Put ME to work legislation. I came upon Speaker of the House Mark Eve's promotional editorial in the Portland Press Herald , and found that never once is there a link to the actual bill, or even LD number mentioned. Searching"Put ME to work" produces a video for a song. The same holds true for the article on the bill for the WBAI website I can no longer get into the article by Steve Mistler that I linked to yesterday with the Portland Press Herald telling me that I have reached my limit of free articles for the month, although I have never seen that applied to articles which one has already read before and I was on the page long enough to try to click on what appeared to be a link which was dead. Now it does not even appear to be a link

We Can Spend Your Money Because We Know What's Good For You

Tweet This ! Maine House speaker pushes job training legislation The 'Put ME to Work' bill would create new funding to help connect students with jobs in high-demand industries. article in Portland Press Herald by Steve Mistler AUGUSTA — House Speaker Mark Eves is backing a bill designed to invest $5 million over the next five years in job training programs that create public-private partnerships to develop a trained workforce in high-demand fields such as logging, health care and machining. In the latest plan being put forth by the board of the Maine Development Corporation, (The Maine legislature) there is a significant change in language. The qualifier for the sector of the economy targeted for subsidization has changed from the sector of the economy providing " above average income" to the sector of the economy which is "highly compensated" In a  2007  tax policy publication put out by the Maine Development Foundation (C

Very Significantly Different ! - The Public Benefit Corporation and the Benefit Corporation.

Tweet This # Over the years that I have been researching the Maine economic development policies that you find documented here in this blog, I have upon numerous occasions come across the state and the Governor justifying the polices on the basis that they are forced to implement them because other states are doing so. However my still limited investigation into the policies instituted in other states is not finding that to be so. It is true that all states that I have researched have economic development policies and tax incentives, but not all states have chartered state corporations that dole out tax credits to corporations. Incentives are most often in the form of tax exemptions rather than tax credits, the difference being that, as tax credits work in Maine, they are largely refundable tax credits and as impacted by other statutes and policies that have been implemented over the years, that translates as direct redistribution of wealth from the general taxp