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Headline Politics - A Device For Disinformation Distribution

 Tweet This According to Bill O'Reilly, a lot of people get their news strictly from the internet. I do not know how true that is and to what degree but I remember being told by a personal acquaintance, supposedly an informed acquaintance, a number of years ago that he and his wife only get their news on the internet. This is a frightening thought after observing a few more days of headlines used to distribute disinformation across the internet. The headlines I speak of, make a statement which is a liberally construed interpretation rather than an accurate reporting of news but the headline- all by itself-  is taken as news- true news . To date all of the responders, with an exception of this author, accept the headline as true with no evidence of having read the article to find out anything further about the claim. Here is one such typical headline The article is about H.R. 237, a bill written by Congress in response to the new terrorist

Far Right Disinformation Campaign Takes Aim to Paint Jeb Bush as a Liberal.

Tweet This Back in the 2012 campaign, the far right told the world that they are more principaled than the rest of us and ran a campign to defeat Romney in which a disinformation mantra was utilized which said : "Romney is the same as Obama''. This was hardly true but it was repeated often. The far right seemed unaware that primary season had ended and that there was a general election going on. All though they informed the world that they are the only true conservatives, all through the election season, they campaigned to defeat Romney,with little attention paid to Obama. The far left was composed of several third party contingencies but it's main candidate was Ron Paul who ran as a Republican. The far left campaigned against the "establishment" in the Republican party, of which Ron Paul was surely one, having been a United States Senator for many years. I came to believe that there was covert pro-Obama contingency working th

Public Hate Fests and Propaganda Proliferate Through Social Media! in the USA

Tweet This I don't ususally comment on national issues but this national issue is just as strong in Maine as it is nationally- it is the new speech regulation climate and the occurence of social media directed hate fests against specific people which intentionally spread dis-information- in part relying on the fact that many people will only read a headline and do not click on the article supporting the headline- that makes spreading dis-information incredibly easy ! Take for example this story currently proliferated on FaceBook with a head line telling us that Jeb Bush "attacked" Fox News Notice that the story in this link is based 100% on hear say but published on a website called "Truth Revolt", Sadly "Truth Revolt"  is a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center - a once respected name. It seems to be a pattern that organizations using the name of respected luminaries do not live up to their

The Information Battlefront of Language

Tweet This ! I've been learning about profiles for photography printing . Different profiles represent different color spaces. Each color space has a different number of colors. When I published the post of the title about rural Caribou seceding, I found that several people on FaceBook took it to mean that I was supporting secession from the USA and that is because a lot of people on FaceBook do not actually click on a post and read it and barely absorb what the short phrase in a title says. Certain words become automatic signals that, like a printing profile, have a usage meaning embedded in them. That usage is independent to the meaning implied by the the context in which the word is actually being used in the specific instance. I added the words urban Caribou to the title, hoping to avoid that impression, although it made the title longer than I wanted it to be. So I started thinking that moving from posting a blog to writing a book is like us

Quotes From Caribou Maine Secessionist Committee Report VS Bangor Daily News Collectivists Argument

Tweet This I don't have a lot of time to day so I am just posting some quotes from The Caribou Secessionist Representatives Report which was largely ignored by the Bangor Daily News Editorial Staff as they published this sort of opinionated and dis-informed view:   Worse, such an assessment makes it seem as if rural residents never go into cities or use their services. We doubt that is the case. - Bangor Daily News Editorial Opinion !  Commentary  ! Has it ever occurred to the editors of  Bangor Daily News that it is a two way street- that urban folk like to go to the country as well?  According to their logic all Maine taxpayers should be subsidizing Portland - Augusta, Bangor and other urban centers  along with the state courts of MRRA & Lorring ! That would drive taxes so high in rural Maine that current residents would be forced to lose their property , which a wealthier class o fcitizens could then take over !- Those made wealthy b

Taxation Without Representation: The Will To Secede - Rural Caribou Maine From Urban Caribou

Tweet This Crowdfunder Update : I have committed to the  iuniversal program  with a down payment, which I am feeling very good about I continue to run this crowdfunder to cover the cost of the iuniversal program at a discounted rate of 50%. If I succeed in meeting my crowdfunding goal of $800.00 then I will be elegable to become an author on  Beacon Reader , which has a unique program for funding journalists on an ongoing basis- I have no idea how much but something beats nothing and it will connect me to a wider community. Please help me to break the long trend of no response by making a contribution- it can be any amount.The Twenty five dollars is just a suggested amount. The context of my book will attempt to paint a portrait of what is taking place among the States of the United States.I do not expect to be able to cover every state but will follow the leads where ever it takes me, in this case to Rhode Island If you apprecia