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What is the Meaning of “Capitalism” and Other Out-Moded Terms?

 Time for a Language Upgrade? wonderlane-unsplash In the Beginning: The true history of eleventh-century civilization is a source of inspiration for contemporary apocalypse dramas. After five centuries of living in danger and uncertainty, walls were built around the town, so that the populous could focus on living rather than surviving. The church was the center of the community, attracting fairs, incorporating a marketplace and theatre, into its orbit. Technology had not developed to the stage that it required concentrated capital beyond the means of the ordinary citizen or town, creating an egalitarian society with a locally based economy in which wealth was created through production. Artisans and tradespeople typically made up four-fifths of the town populace. In the beginning, the economy grew through the activity of industrious producers before merchants gained dominance. Barter was the currency of exchange. And so I wondered, does the early medieval society qualify as a capital

As Democrats Call For Cuomo To Resign, What Happened to The Right To A Fair Trial, In The Era Of The False Narrative?

It's not about politics- it's about restoring a shared standard for truth. Er-nay, CC BY-SA 4.0 via  Wikimedia Commons This post  As Democrats Call For Cuomo To Resign, What Happened to The Right To A Fair Trial, In The Era Of The False Narrative?   has been selected as a Best of Tremr post: When Trump tried to extort Zelensky, all he wanted was for Zelensky to announce a new investigation into the Biden’s. Trump knew that only an accusation is needed for a conviction in the court of public opinion. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the story about Governor Cuomo but it progressed like an incessant drumbeat. Governor Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment. Governor Cuomo has six accusers! Democrats call for Cuomo to resign! Sexual harassment, sexual harassment, sexual harassment. Before investigati n g it myself. the buzz led me to assume, that there must be serious allegations of substance behind such an uproar. I read the blog post tha