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Those who Benefit from the Closure of St Andrews Are Those Who Benefit From Relocating Boothbay's Retirement Community

Tweet this : The Boothbay Peninsula's Emergency Room will close its doors on October 1st. When the decision was first announced in the Boothbay Register it was stated that it was not a decision based on money. If memory serves me right, a claim was made that it was about quality of service. Since then the story has been perpetuated by some that St Andrews was not making a profit, with others claiming that it is profitable. I asked the opinion of someone familiar with the inner circle. He claimed that the appearance that St Andrews did not make a profit was created by the way that medicare presents bills. I believe he said it was in the year 2007 that all the books had been closed when after that fact medicare presented a sizable bill. This gave the appearance that St Andrews was not making a profit but that since then the hospital had caught up on those payments.This is a reasonable explanation for a controversy over whether the hospital is or is not prof

University of Maine's New "Confucius Institute" Creates Global Partnership with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China

The University of Maine, which already sponsors a course in Marxist and Socialist Studies which can be taken as a minor along with any major is now using taxpayer dollars to create a new institute handily called the Confucius Institute , as if it were about ancient Chinese wisdom, which may be partly true but also significant is that it is in partnership with the new fundamentally transformed China and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China which includes such departments as The Global Institute of Management And Economics . USM Confucius Institute USM is partnering with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in Dalian, China to host Maine’s first Confucius Institute (CI). From the website of the UniversityOf Souther Maine, Confusius Institute Contemporary China with it's polluted lands and its plans to relocate millions of the rural populous in order to create a home grown consumers market has very little resemblance to the philosophy of C

Transference of Wealth from Corporate Welfare to General Welfare

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State Capitalism VS Crowd Funding

I am not a professional journalist or researcher. I work independently as an avocation rather than a vocation in part because I feel that allows me to retain my freedom in expressing what I have to say. For instance "incentives" and "bribes" mean the same thing in the way that they are being implemented by the state but If I were employed by another organization I might be encouraged to use the word "incentive" instead of "bribe", but to my point of view "bribe" is closer to the truth than "incentive" which rings as though there were a fair exchange involved. In the case of usage by Maine State Inc- there is no fair exchange involved. The only thing the taxpayers are getting in exchange for the transference of their hard earned dollars is rhetoric about job creation but if the article in Bangor Daily News by the Center for Public Interest Reporting points out anything, it points out that there is no evidence that jobs are be

MRRA and Tempus Jets Drain More Money From The TaxPayers Via The Pine Tree Zone.

Recently Maine's newest city state, The Midcoast Regional Development Authority , announced its latest win in the national competition among the states to procure corporate job growth via innovative systems of bribery designed to redistribute wealth created by the general public into the hands of private corporations. The prize is Tempus Jets , an aviation company servicing the needs and desires of the private jet owing community. The aviation industry is a well chosen target of the Paul Le Page administration, serving an additional goal of attracting a wealthy upper class to Maine, a class which Maine's ruling class aims to grow, as laid out in the " Creative Economy" template of professional overlord Richard Florida , the social engineering guru followed by Maine's former Governor, John Baldacci. Richard Florida designates this class as "the creative class", of which wealth is a definitive criteria. Tempus Jets was procured for Maine via Pine Tree Z

Big Money, Redistributed Wealth and Legal Opacity Make For Happy Bed Fellows!

TWEET THIS! Section 2 of the Home Rule Amendment ( Construction of Buildings for Industrial Use), was added to the constitution as section 8-A of Article IX in 1962 Home Rule Section 2.  Construction of buildings for industrial use.   For the purposes of fostering, encouraging and assisting the physical location, settlement and resettlement of industrial and manufacturing enterprises within the physical boundaries of any municipality, the registered voters of that municipality may, by majority vote, authorize the issuance of notes or bonds in the name of the municipality for the purpose of purchasing land and interests therein or constructing buildings for industrial use, to be leased or sold by the municipality to any responsible industrial firm or corporation. It was relocated under the 1973 codification. According to Marshall J Tinkle : This provision was added to the constitution as section 8A of Article IX in 1962 ( Am