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2015 Maine Legislature Doubles Down on Bond Ballot Rewrite of Maine Constitution

In 2015   An Act To Limit the Information Required To Be Printed on Municipal Referenda Ballots was sponsored by Representative Picchiotti of Fairfield, Cosponsored by Senator Whittemore of Somerset and Representative Beth O'Connor of Berwick (former manager of Maine Taxpayers United) . It was referred to The Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government where it was rejected by the majority . MAJ, Ought Not To Pass Representative Martin of Sinclair, Chair Senator Libby of Androscoggin Senator Willette of Aroostook Representative Babbidge of Kennebunk Representative Bryant of Windham Representative Doore of Augusta Representative Evangelos of Friendship Representative Greenwood of Wales Representative Tuell of East Machias Representative Turner of Burlington MIN, Ought To Pass Representative Pickett of Dixfield The Maine Constitution Article IX General Provisions Section 14 constitutionally requires th e following information t