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Is Maine's Industrial Partnerships Act based on the Scandinavian Model?

Camoin Associates used Esri data compilation softwar e to produce a master plan for the Boothbay Peninsula .The software allows one to run reports for a designated radius of any address  I tried it out for our business, but found hat it doesn't have data relevant to our field. One report. called "tapestries" categorizes demographic segments, but if you believed their segments to reflect reality, the only thing people buy in today's world are electronics. The truth is more likely that the electronics market is the only data compiled. I soon became bored with reading the homogenized descriptions of different classes of people. I have heard it said that recorded history is selective, limited by the stories historians elect to tell while true history encompasses the whole spectrum of generational cultural interactions. The Camoin Report was created by running reports with the Esri data compiler and that is its limitation. Neither the Esri data, nor the Camoin Repo