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L.R. 492: Governor LePage's Unconstitutional Proposal

   L.R. 492, is a  bill the LePage administration submitted recently to clarify the law exempting some aviation companies from paying property taxes. The language of the bill is not yet public, but George Gervais, Gov. Paul LePage 's commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development, said Wednesday that it is designed to ensure that the law exempting aviation uses is applied consistently. LePage administration wades into Brunswick tax fight  -Steve Mistle   Portland press Herald What Governor Lepage and the state's  Department of Economic and Community Development  are proposing is is a violation of the Home Rule Amendment of the Maine State Constitution, providing that property taxes are included in the charters of municipal corporations. There cannot be anything more clearly " local and municipal in character" than property taxes- which are based on property located within the municipality and are justified as payment for servi

Professor Seldman's Low Brow Argument Advocates the Over Throw of the US Constitution

As I am setting out to write Part Three of my Madison VS Marx series, I had in mind to make it be about education. This is an article published in the New york Times calling for  Americans to give up on our constitution .  written by a member of the US academic class, an "esteemed" educator sharing Obama's alleged Alma mater, Harvard - only L ouis Michael Seidman. actually is a constitutional professor at Goergetown University The article by professor Louis Michael Seidman echoes the call by our current president when, as an educator, in 2001, Obama called for t he Supreme Court to  break with the constraints of our constitution. Professor Seidman identifies himself as a progressive in the paper he authored , Left Out . The term "progressive" simply means progressing towards socialism which then "progresses" toward Communism, and so is just the current popular language signifying Marxism. The term "conservatism" in the  USA means conser