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How Will Remote Workers Change Corporate Welfare in America?

Fernando Handez-unsplash In  American Investment in the Twentieth Century ,   Marco Rubio dates the time when the American macroeconomy started prioritising investments in financial assets over investments in research and productivity as the turn of the century. There are diverse factors playing into the evolution of the American economy and there is no better time than when the world economy is undergoing an forced transformation to examine the entangled threads that brought the American economy to its recent structural configuration. Before corona virus the American economy had taken on a quality of weightless clouds of monetary investments. The silver lining in the dark cloud called carona is the potential to reconnect income to earning, giving new impetus to growth from the roots. A Sudden Change in Course! In recent news Mark Zuckerberg announced that employees choosing remote work on a permanent basis may face a reduction in pay, a seemingly bad public relations mo