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Maine State Legislature- An Openly Lawless Body

In an article in todays PPH,  Republicans charge House Speaker with conflict of interest.   , there is a discussion of legislative conflicts of interests.  The article is centered around House Speaker, Mark Eves allegated conflict of interest in the expansion of Medicaid (Maine Care) Last week, 26 House Republicans signed a letter requesting that House Speaker Mark Eves, D-North Berwick, recuse himself from voting on a bill that would expand Medicaid, the publicly funded health insurance program for the poor. The freedom to legislate in areas in which conflicts of interests exists is openly defended by Rep. Lance Harvell, R-Farmington, who said he refused to sign the letter.  "If we start down that road, there isn’t going to be anybody in this damn place who can vote,” The article then cites various instance of conflict of interest covering a range of situations. But if the legislature itself abides by the laws written by that body - it should be standard protoc

Maine Needs Independents VS The Maine State Inc Politcal Oligarchy !

The viability and constitutionality of Maine's centrally managed economy, which I have called Maine State Inc- is perpetually kept out of the political dialogue by politicians and the Maine media alike, but these programs serve the interests of the few at the expense of the many. All of the candidates in the gubernatorial race are co-conspirators in "targeted sector economics". The last accountability on Maine's "economic development" programs was in 2006 which concluded that there was no evidence that these programs create jobs and that they do invite corruption. See Pine Tree Watch Dog article . If Independent candidates emerge taking on the issue of Maine State Inc, all of their opposition will be part of the singular force of the political oligarchy, which has intentionally excluded discussion and awareness of these programs from public dia

Conspiracy Theory

TWEET THIS !! There is currently  a chilling story in the national news about the targeting of C atherine Engelbrecht, who started two Tea Party organizations in Texas, It is not a story  we would have expected to hear in the United States of America, a few short years ago.  Ms Englebrecht started an organization called True The Vote, after volunteering at the ballot box and becoming dismayed at the voter fraud that she witnessed .When C atherine Engelbrecht applied for non-profit status she became the target of four federal government agencies- not merely the IRS and was also attacked by members of the United States Congress. You can read C atherine Engelbrecht's story HERE - It is very reccommended. This is the kind of story that the left attempts to dismiss with the phrase "conspiracy theory" as if conspiracies could not actually exist and so the phrase is expected to be taken as a synomyn of "nut job"- but in fact conspiracies do