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Confessions of A Blogger Writing In Her Pajama's - Well House Robe !

Tweet This Day Five of my Crowdfunder once again came up empty so now on day six it is looking unlikely that I will have garnered enough public support to take advantage of the 50% discount on the iuniverse program by 2 PM today when the sales person is going to check back with me. Perhaps when I complete the remainder of the thirty day crowdfunder I will have suceeded in garnering enough public support to justify investing in such a program. That bar is $500.00 because until I reach $500.00 I do not get to retain any of the funds pledged. If I reach that bar, perhaps there will be another deal available- or I can do another crowdfunder to try to raise the rest of the funds needed,- so with that thought in mind, I am going to continue with this crowdfunder to its completion. It feels like doing one of those dance marathons of the depression era-or a fillibuster speach on the floor of the Senate. This is a particular sort of endurance test which I have deci

The Maine Media Coverage of Government Economic Development Policies Fits the Definition Of Propaganda

Tweet This Day four of my Crowdfunder once again comes up empty with the deadline for taking the deal being offered by iuniversal tomorrow. If worse comes to worse, I can probably find a way to squeeze the initial payment out of my own already stretched resources but I have to consider all the aspects of that decision which includes the use of my time. Even before I knew that I believe in God, I was a person that felt that the universe, or everything that is, speaks to one through the events that manifest around us. It has occurred to me that I am being offered very good terms for the iuniversal program at the opportune moment for me to make space in my life for writing my book. In terms of writing the biggest competition for that space of time is the blog. For a long time my blog focused on digging up the history of Maine's economic development statutes, reading and analyzing statutes that came into being years ago and by the time I discovered them wer

Day Three Of Crowdfunder- Weighing Conflicts of Interest

Tweet This Day Three of my campaign is another day of coming up empty and as the hour approaches when I must decide whether to take the deal or not, I have a lot of considerations to weigh including most significantly the use of my time. We have an understaffed business with many huge challenges to meet and on top of that a lot of work to do for probate.  At least 300% of my energy is needed for that meaning my plate is already too full. However our business exists in a larger context and the way I see things the context and our own personal place with in it are inseparably part of each other. One of my earliest childhood memories was sitting in the field and thinking of my world. I thought first there is me and then my family and then the community and so on until there was the whole world. That was a world in which the atomic bomb has just been created and I gave the world only twenty five years- but I was wrong on that score. However it did affect the

MISSION: To Connect Global Popular & Local Understanding

TWEET THIS On day two of my crowdfunder I received my first contribution. I thank George Colby, whom I know via FaceBook, for his generosity, The other night I watched the premier of a new series on cable, Mr Roberts, Twenty or even ten years ago, the series would be considered science fiction but our contemporary world has already caught up with fiction and is now driving the story line. It is an age old theme about a secret sect of  the powerful who control the world, They go by different names-the most known name today is probably the Bilderberg Group. The series features such a corporate group secretly controlling the entire world through the E corporation, which the protagonist calls the Evil Corporation. The protagonist is a tech savvy young man- a security specialist working for the E Corporation. The series features a running narrative by the protagonist. A line that caught my attention was when the protagonist said "they force us to work for the

Networking Essential For A Successful Crowdfunder And Developing Such A Network Is It's Purpose

TWEET THIS As you can see I am doing a crowdfunder in an attempt to raise the resources to take advantage of a 50% discount on iuniversal's program for self publishers . It is no surprise that I raised no funds on the first day because I am what you call an outlier blogger, which means in essence that I am not connected to a network of people working or supporting what I do. My mission in bringing the information and point of view that I present in my blog is to affect change in the entrenched political paradigm in Maine, and the USA,including the media. Crowdfunding depends on networking and I lack a network, which is why I want to be part of the Iuniversal program, a program which connects self published authors to community of professionals in the self publishing industry.It will help to build a network. I do not get paid for writing my blog and so it is not easy to find the time and focus to put the information I have gathered and the ideas that I

A Lttle Help From My Freinds !

Tweet This Greetings to my freinds and supporters: I have written over three hundred blog posts mostly on the subject of researching Maine economic development statutes. In the process I have developed an in depth understanding of the history and interconnectedness of Maine's economic development policies. For some timeI have been thinking of writing a book on the subjects that I have explored in this blog . I would like to time the publication of such a book to have its most impact in the months leading up to the next election. I have been offered a 50% discount on a self publishing program if I take it by Monday June 29, 2015. The self publishing program will connect me with an online community for self publishing and help me with every phase from organizing my material into a book form to marketing. I found a crowdfunding site for journalism, It takes a day for project approval.  My Crowdfunder is now launced on Beacon- Here I The Live Li

Fixing The Blame For the New Markets Tax Credit

Tweet This Beacon POD Cast June 12, 2015 – The New Markets scam Download file  | Duration: 31:54 | Size: 29.2M In this episode of the Beacon podcast, Maine People’s Alliance political director Ben Chin interviews  Joel Johnson , an economist for the Maine Center for Economic policy, and attempts to make the deliberately-complicated New Markets tax credit scam (through which out-of-state corporations have fleeced the Maine taxpayers of more than $30 million) a little more understandable. This Beacon POD Cast is presented by Mike Tipping, Bangor Daily News Journalist  and Director of the  Maine People's Alliance , who tells us in his introduction that Chin and Johnson are going to "dig a little deeper" into the New Markets Tax Credi t and repeats the ubiqutous media line that one of the reasons why the scam hasn't caused more public outrage and government action is because it is "so deliberately complicated". This line is th