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Outdated Political Paradigms Need To Wither Away

This post was selected for the current home page of “Governor Mills applauds Speaker Gideon’s leadership on this issue and shares her goal of working to ensure that people across Maine are able to take appropriate leave following major life events, like the birth of a child. The governor looks forward to reviewing the Speaker’s bill and working with her, other lawmakers, and members of the business community to pursue avenues to accomplish it.” House speaker proposes new tax to fund paid leave for Maine workers- Portland Press Herald In Maine Wire, this week , Jacob Posik presents a reasonable but incomplete response to a bill sponsored by Maine House Speaker, Sara provide Maine workers with up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave, funded through a new 0.5 percent tax on worker earnings. The coverage in the Portland Press Herald and Maine Wire leave essential questions unanswered, such as who pays the half a percent of worker earnings? Is it dedu

LePage Years: Part Three: Why Maine is the Winner in Losing the Amazon Headquarters Contest

LePage Years Part One Lepage years Part Two In 2018, Amazon was looking for a location for new headquarters In an  article by Wharton University, Management, it is speculated that Amazon knew all along where their new headquarters would be located: . .. Amazon received 238 proposals by the October 19 deadline from big cities like Boston, Chicago and Atlanta; smaller hip cities like Austin and Portland; gritty, nouveau-hip sites like Detroit and pre-hip Camden, N.J. (where the slogan is “Experience the Rebirth!”): regional bids like ones from Central Indiana or a three-city package in Missouri; and Northeast hopefuls betting on proximity to the corridors of power, like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C  T he Headquarters Checklist: How do Companies Pick a Location - Wharton University In November 2018, Amazon chose a cit y for its new location - New York, New York. awarding the biggest to the biggest. Is this a surprise? New York has a great energy for ideas and colla

Corporate Welfare Flourished under LePage.

Continuing from Part One ..... Bonds are frequently sold to the public in the interest of job-creation. During the Lepage years, under the enactment of Industry Partnerships , the public educational system was re-purposed as a job training resource. Industry Partnership's is a new government bureaucracy dedicated to function as central managers of the relationship between industries operating in economic sectors targeted by the State. Funding was re appropriated from traditional government functions such as the Department of Corrections to capitalize ‘ quality centers ”, collective communes in the community college system, equipped with the state of the art means of production and used as facilities for training workers in the state-targeted industries. More taxpayer funding was distributed to build communal Tech Places , industry quality centers with state of the art facilities designed to attract start-up companies to communal environments with shared facilities and administ