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Missing The Point - An Attempt to Abolish LURK is Transformed into A Modification Of LURK

A Guest Op Ed By Roger Ek , Republican Town Chairman for the Town of Lee LURK LEGISLATION UNDER DISCUSSION                                                 Paintings by Michael Blaze Petan Bigger Stronger Meaner Over 40 years ago, the Maine legislature decided that the residents of the Unorganized Territories should not be allowed to govern themselves. They would be better off if they were controlled by seven appointed members of a commission. At the time, a legislator from Aroostook County said that such a bill would cause poverty throughout Northern Maine. He was right. The bill creating LURC passed by one vote.  Two years ago during a television interview of the seven Republican candidate for governor, the moderator asked if the candidate were to significantly cut back or eliminate a state agency which one it would be. Paul LePage answered, "LURC." Last year Rep. Jeff Gifford introduced legislation to do just that. The legislature did what it us