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In 1981 Maine Legislature Grants Itself The Authority to Centrally Manage Economy

A Free Enterprise System Cannot Co-Exist with A Centrally Managed Economy The following are out-takes from the statutory downloadable timeline ( With headlines added)  which I constructed by researching the statutes- A Maine Citizen's Journey Through The Statutes of Transformation available for a minimum contribution for the many hours of research required for both this blog and the timeline.The only income I make from this blog comes from contributions in exchange for the downloadable timeline which includes internal and external links and bookmarks for ease of navigation. All links are active in the downloadable timeline.They do not transfer over in the cut and past function. From The Table Of Zingers This chapter (Municipal Bond Bank)  shall be construed liberally to effectuate the legislative intent and the purposes of this chapter as complete and independent authority for the performance of each and every act and thing authorized in this chapter and all powers

Maine Media Goes into A Tizzy as Readers of Maine Constitution Come Out Of The Woods !

I was recently in a conversation with a candidate for the Maine legislature. I am not revealing his identity as the intention is not to hurt his campaign, being that he was decent in engaging in conversation and he is in the regard that I write about here representative of the culture in Augusta in general. Henceforth I will refer to him as Candidate  I was questioning Candidate's support of a Maine Bank, a movement that I had become cognizant about during my research efforts for A Maine Citizen's Journey Through The Statutes of Transformation . We debated many of the points for and against such a new government function but during the course of our dialogue, my question about how one reconciles the establishment of a State Bank, which would surely be established as yet another corporate instrumentality of the state, with Article IV Part Third Of The Maine State Constitution: As it is presented in Time Line Part Third. Legislative Power Section 13.  Special legi

State Controlled Capitalization- Do We Need It in The Era of Crowd Funding?

I don't have time these days to do the research journalism. I need to work on a crowdfunding strategy for our ceramic's business, which requires much work and research but it is such a growing field that there are many helpful resources developing. One of them is . I attended one of their online meetings today but unfortunately my microphone wasn't working in that system and so I really only watched it- but I found it very informative. I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing crowdfunding. That said, and getting back to the statutory transformation of Maine, one of the details that previously went unregistered to my mind until  I was composing A Maine's Citizen's Journey Through The Statutes of Transformation is that all of the funds stashed away in all of the state's corporations include a provision that says the fund can accept money from any source - such as corporations, foundations, private persons, foreign governments  dru

In Maine it's The Innovative Class Vs The Underclass with the Middle Class A Relic Of By Gone Days.

As a person of independent views, I am often approached by those whom I consider to stand for the modern day thought police. The conversation is often framed as "We (or I) are trying to help you", which means they are trying to reprogram my thinking to be consistent with acceptable thought as issued by Maine State Inc and its comrade the Maine main stream media. I recently had such an encounter when I posted on AS Maine Goes - when a users who clouds his true identity under the name of "economike" stepped up to play the role of the thought police and was educating me about economics pursuant to the world view which has dominated, to the exclusion of all else, both the political class and the Maine main stream media during the decades in which the Maine constitution was swapped out as the governing rule of law in Maine to be replaced by governance of a corporate state serving as an instrumentality of global capitalism. Were this a science fiction novel, I could