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As Maine Goes Closing Just In Time for the Upcoming Election Season.

Just in time for the upcoming election season, Scott Fish, owner of As Maine Goes announced that As Maine Goes is coming to an end. Word has it Mr Fish took began working  a state job in 2010. As part of  the job terms Mr Fish agreed to refrain from posting on As Maine Goes.(Now confirmed HERE that Mr Fish is compelled by his job to let go of AMG .)

The timing of the closing of AS Maine Goes, in advance of the upcoming election season, invites speculation about what goes on behind the scenes. Mr Fish is willing to sell As Maine Goes and so we hope that this will come about through another party dedicated to the tradition of a people's voice, rather than falling into the hands of the Maine main stream media with its selectively narrow agenda dictating and manipulating the public narrative in these political times- such as the recent shallow and politically partisan coverage of  the Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit. Maine needs much better, in fact it is the most politically essential thing that Maine needs, as it seems all but impossible for a political candidate to win on issues that are not being covered by the Maine main stream media - and should be. with a notable exception in the platform of  Richard Murphy running for congress in the first district ( my district) giving Maine two independent and viable candidates, ready to work for the people, and the constitution. The Other is Blaine Richardson, running for congress in Maine's second district, who has long been a fan of this blog.

"Let's face it, your job if you get elected to Congress is to bring home the bacon to Maine." Someone actually said this to me, while asking why I decided to run for Congress.

This seems to be the general attitude within the parties about what their representatives should be doing in Washington.

Not reducing governmental red tape.
Not reducing Federal taxes on Individuals.
Not passing balanced budgets (or any budget for that matter).
Not safeguarding our rights and liberties and ensuring that the Federal government stays out of our personal lives and choices.

If this is your thinking as well, I am not your man. I will not be down there attempting to continue to get $1.95 for every $1 that is sent. Why? That means the citizens of other states are supporting Maine. What, we can't take care of ourselves?

If you think that should continue, or increase, then you have no faith in Maine, or the people that live here. You'd rather we be dependent instead of independent. If I am elected, I will not be representing your line of thinking... you're going to be highly disappointed in me.

I will push for Maine to be Independent. To be self-reliant. To be able to take care of itself, and be a role model for other states to follow. Hard work and perseverance always pays off better than dependance.

I'll focus on getting getting the boot of our Federal government off the neck of Maine residents as much as possible, and getting the IRS's slick hands out of our pockets every chance I get.

I will never vote 'yes' on more federal regulations. There is enough already, and the state of Maine is better able to regulate within our borders.

I will always vote for less federal taxes from every area proposed. I will also support a complete dumping of the current tax code for one that is simple, straight forward, and equal for everyone. No exceptions, no exemptions, no loopholes.

I will never support any Federal budget is is not balanced, or that increases the Federal debt. The budget must be balanced, the only debate should be what gets axed to accomplish that. Any spending outside of our borders should be first to go, followed by any corporate subsidies... starting with the ones that are making a profit.

I will not be focusing on "bringing home the bacon", I will be focusing on keeping the bacon we already have in Maine, adhering to the Constitution and protecting our rights and liberties.
— in Maine.

As Maine Goes has been Maine's most high profile political loose canon allowing the people's voice to be heard above and beyond Maine's tightly controlled and surely monitored political media.

Maine needs to keep the tradition alive. We need a relevant media- one that reports and debates about the content of bills that are on the legislature's agenda, and reports in a timely way, before during and after the bill is passed. Once the bill is passed the people still have the opportunity to repeal it within ninety days. We need a media that is well aware of this public option and serves it well.


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