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Letter About Andersen Design Transitions

Dear, friends, supporters, collectors and others, 

 I am writing to you to ask for assistance with preserving Andersen Design, a local ceramic arts studio which has stood at the forefront of the Designer Craftsmen and Industrial Arts Studio Movement in America, Europe and Japan. since it was established in 1952 on Southport Island, Maine. 

Andersen Design moved to our current East Boothbay location in 1958. When Andersen Design established in Maine it was one of the region’s original businesses in the home. The property is grandfathered as a business in the home in East Boothbay. Current ordinances in Boothbay cap the growth of businesses in the home to two or three employees, far below the capacity at which we operated at the height of our success.

 Andersen Design created an iconic line of ceramic designs, locally produced and hand crafted. During an era when most of the western ceramics industry were relocating production to global low wage labor markets, we stayed in America. Since established in the 1950’s Andersen Design has trained local employees in the mindful and engaging process of the ceramic making process. As foreign made products flooded the market, Andersen Design remained competitive because of the quality and originality of our line. 

 Andersen’s history helped create a unique artistic community on the Maine coast. Since the Andersen’s established the first ceramic studio in the area, a small ceramics cluster industry has emerged in the region. 

 Our line has been collected and handed down through the generations by the local community and beyond. 

 Over time the markets which built our original success eroded to be replaced by the internet. Andersen’s line and brand are still strong but capital is needed to re-establish our company as an internet retailer. 

During Weston’s latter years, he lived at home and much of our energy and attention was focused on taking care of Dad. In the wake of Weston Andersen’s passing, plans for the next stage of life and business, remain focused on our legacy to curate, honor and pass along the family’s ceramic collection and unique techniques, with designs that have captured generations’ love of wildlife and nostalgia for the Maine coast as well as individualistic and classic functional form design. We have a vision of a ceramic slip-casting network of independently owned studios located in rural Maine and producing a new generation of designs. 

 We have been seeking to prevent foreclosure on our ceramic production studio in the home for many months but short of a miraculous intervention. It looks like the property will be auctioned off this coming Tuesday, August 8, at the office of John Ney, attorney for Bank of America in Augusta.

Miraculous intervention is something on the order of procuring a personal loan of 150,000,00 to buy more time to get our options together, Short of such an intervention, we now must pray for a selling price over 290,000.00 needed to pay back the bank, enough to realize capital to re-establish our endeavor. 

 Whatever happens, we will continue to find a way to honor the legacy with which we have been entrusted as it deserves. A new model is being developed to transition the business into the 21st century. This model includes re-establishing the financial footing as well as the important task of finding the right home for the vintage collection of the family along with the vast private collections known to exist in the community at large. A community advisory committee is being formed, with the goal of creating a Designer Craft and Industrial Arts Studio Movements Museum in the region. 

The ideal location would be the present site in East Boothbay, but a miracle is needed to create that outcome at this late date. There is a GoFundMe page set up to support organization of the Vintage Collection, if you would like to contribute online now. If you would like to make a gift by check, it should be made out to “The Estate of Weston Andersen” Click her for GoFundMe page 

 Please feel free to contact us, for more information, or more details about the up-coming sale
 Opportunities for investment are available as well. 

You can also request to see our business plan. 

 Thank you for your support for our work and your friendship over the years. We will always think of the Boothbay Region as our home and be grateful for the relationships we have had with our Boothbay and Southport neighbors. 

 The Andersens 
5 Andersen Road East Boothbay Maine 04544 
 207 449 1449 

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