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Koons & Hillary- The Joke is On You & it's China Laughing!

ba·nal bəˈnäl,bəˈnal/ adjective so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. "songs with banal, repeated words" On November 30, 2012 , Jeff Koons, star of the blue chip art galaxy, was awarded the first United States Medal of Art by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The main reason given for selecting Koons is that he is very famous and shows in  top of the market art galleries. In the honorary speech, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton recognized Koons for the time in that year when he spoke before an audience of 1000 listeners in China. According to Secretary of State Clinton Mr Koons "inspired cross-cultural appreciation and thought-provoking discussions among the city's art community". Inspire he did- but not exactly in the way Koons and Clinton fantasized "One of the great characteristics of our country are our  public-private partnerships . They are really at the core of how we do everything. De Tocqueville noticed th

Bait & Switch at The New England Foundation For The Arts

Tweet This I am now no longer a member of the Facebook Group Maine Artists.There were too many there intolerant of challenges to the collective politically correct view, which I have seen in other places on the internet, and I do not usually stay with such groups long either. I have a liberal Facebook friend who was inviting me to join numerous political discussion groups that fancied themselves places where those of opposing views can engage in an open debate. My fiend tells me that it is difficult to find conservatives to join the groups. The last time word that I was going to join preceded actually joining and so I was greeted by a welcome chorus but once an actual discussion began, the knives and hatchets were instantly drawn as the "debate" relied primarily on insulting anyone who did not echo group think. I was out of there within half an hour. In the case of Maine Artists, it is not a place where discussion generally takes place. It is usual

Art World Entitlements

Tweet This ! The Portland Art Gallery on Middle Street in Portland is a recently established gallery and an out growth from the website Art Collector Maine . Art Collector Maine charges artists a fee for publishing their work on the website but does not charge a commission on the sale. The Portland Art Gallery does not charge an exhibition fee but it takes the standard Art Gallery commission of 50% on the sales of the work. There is a loud protest arising from the Maine art world aimed at demeaning The Portland Art Gallery, portraying it as a gallery that does not curate the art and is only interested in sales although sales is something that everyone in the art world is very interested in achieving. Selling one's work legitimizes it as well as enabling an artist to spend more time working on their art work. The Portland Art Gallery is the most recent evolution of the Maine publishing empire which delivers several glossy art magazines, Maine Home + De