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How the Boothbay Roundabout Was Sold

In a story published in the Boothbay Register,  in May of 2014      The return of the TIF ,   the TIF district which was passed did not  include the controversial village improvement plan, traffic roundabout or borrowing money to pay for a municipal bond. In 2016, the town entered into a financial partnership with the Maine Department of Transportation to finance a roundabout. According to the DOT Cooperative Agreement,  the Developer. Paul Coulombe ("PGC5 LLC") hired the design firm to design the roundabout which required approval by  DOT.  I have never found confirmation of the identity of the design firm hired by the Developer. In March of 2016, a proposal including a re-routed Corey Lane, a new entrance to Back River Road and roundabout near the Boothbay Common was published in the Boothbay Register as a plan approved by the Maine Department of Transportation. The Boothbay Register website displays a video approved by DOT .   The video is presented by Mark Lenters of GH

Blocked Comment on Boothbay Register Re Switch from DOT Financing to TIF Financing.

I became engaged in a discussion on the Boothbay Register, in response to a letter titled Praise For the Roundabout and Surroundings , wherein, as has become the custom, another of my comments has been blocked with the "pending" option. I reposted the response as a stand-alone comment it is also now "pending" in my Disqus profile. The Register recently posted some rules about polite conversations but it is quite obvious that Coulombe and his supporters make consistence use of the ad hominem argument, attacking the speaker rather than addressing points made. These posters become progressively more vicious if one continues to speak one's mind despite their obvious attempts to bully all opposition into silence. Their posts remain in full public view. I have found the user blocking function on Disqus so that most of those who argue by such method will no longer see my posts and I will not see theirs. I do not know if the Register will take any actions to suppo

Boohbay Master Plan in the Context of Maine History.

Quote from the Camoin Report,  Economic Development Master Plan: Boothbay Region, Maine (Towns of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Southport and Edgecomb) Economic Development Action Plan Matrix   Objectives in the Action Plan Matrix are intended to address change and leverage the Boothbay Region’s assets to best meet future needs while reflecting community values. Strategies were derived from data analysis, stakeholder interviews, the work session, research, and review of previous planning documents. When applicable initiatives build upon actions that are currently underway or have been suggested previously as part of prior planning efforts, while other initiatives focus on economic development best practices and an understanding of the issues facing the region and individual communities. The actions within the Economic Development Action Plan encourage a cooperative approach to regional economic development, to foster an environment that is welcoming, creative, economically active

Report on Boothbay Region Masterplan: Part One: Municipal Authority& Home Rule

. Jame's Brown's dancing is in the moment contrasting with the planned choreography of the backup dancers in their uniform suits. We all want to feel the joy of movement felt by the man who wears his own clothes. The video has an interesting political message. When Brown performs his signature dance move going down on his knees to the floor, three times, a suited man first treats him as a man fallen ill and then tries to adorn Brown with the robe of a king, which Brown throws off before joining the suits in a foursome and the freedom becomes contagious. This blog is authored by a legal layperson and citizen of Maine: The opinions are that of a citizen of the State of Maine, not a legal professional. I have been conducting an independent study on the Maine economic development statutes, The Maine Constitution, and related documents since 2009 and recording my findings on this blog. I spent some time reading the Maine municipal statutes in search of the rule of law gover

Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor Discuss Region Master Plan

In a recent story, by Boothbay Register journalist, Joseph Charpentier, titled  JEDC broadens discussion on master plan , Wendy Wolf, co-chair of the JECD is reported as describing the discussion as "as a long overdue, interesting discussion on economic development and where the two towns stand on it:" As always, first on the agenda are financial matters of great concern to the JECD. It is mentioned that representatives of Southport and Edgecomb sit in on the meetings, hinting with an uncharacteristic subtlety that Southport and Edgecomb ought to be paying the JECD for their services, which consists of holding interesting discussions and hiring consultants and promoting Boothbay Harbor as a "Festival of Lights" in conjunction with the lighting event at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Last year the taxpayers of Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor paid $79000.00 to the JECD which bought  a regional report produced by Camoin Associates . The interesting discussion makes