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Maine Marxism Takes a great New Leap Forward with The Brunswick Landing Maine Center For Innovation

 THE JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON BUSINESS, RESEARCH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT if not the most of the Maine legislature have been following a Marxist course for decades, First it was just using tax payer funds as playing card in a game with high growth investors but now the legislature has transformed itself into the investor- acquiring land and property and setting up "funds" composed of every imaginable source of redistributed wealth to channel as much as possible into the hands of the state.

They call crown themselves as "the innovative" or “creative economy"- In the Baldacci administration it began with promoting the template created by Richard Florida who set standard rules for measuring "the creative class" and cities, state and municipal governments across the nation flocked to conform to the Florida template by segregating society and economies into “the creative and innovative classes" and everyone else.

With flowery language packaging, the socialists ran into little resistance and so they grew bolder. No where is this more evident than in the corporate state that is the Brunswick Landing Maine Center for Innovation – which is envisioned as a walled community  where the favored class will work play and live isolated from the rest of society.

The Marxists in our state government have created a “fund” for at least the airport of their brand new corporate state, which will be funded by all means possible including those that are usually associated with non profit organizations.

The constitution of Maine prohibits the charter of corporations by special acts of legislation, with two exceptions- one being for municipal purposes. There had to be an  exception for municipal corporations because towns are municipal corporations. A town does not exist until chartered and so an outside agency must charter the town – but wisely the legislature assigned the authority to amend the charter to the inhabitants of the municipality.

Thus in creating their corporate state with its walled community, the Marxist in the finance committee declared the corporate state to be “a municipal corporation” and “an instrumentality of the state”- On the website for the corporation it is called a “non-local unit of government” in complete defiance of what a municipality traditionally is. Since it is impossible to determine who the inhabitants of “a non local unit” are- the legislature, in chartering said municipal corporation forgot to provide for a process where by the inhabitants of the municipality can initiate the process of amending the charter.

The legislature did however think to include the right of eminent domain over abutting properties, which happen to be micro business, many of whom have been at that location for decades. They also happen to be “the inhabitants of the municipality”

So when the “Innovative economy" talks about “community’ bear in mind that this means walled communities for the favored classes, which includes the academic sector, and it means doing everything in its means to wipe out instances of the “uncreative” and “non-innovative classes” that stand in the way of its aggressive and rapid advancement.

In the case of the newly chartered “municipal corporation” this means forgetting to set up bylaws for a process by which the inhabitants of the municipality can exercise their constitutional right to amend the charter, and then providing that charter with the authority of eminent domain to seize the property of the inhabitants of the municipality.

I submit the the Maine people who care about the original founding political philosophy need to mobilize for a constitutional amendment that states that by definition a municipality or a municipal corporation is local, has a physical territory and  inhabitants of the territory governed by the municipality.This should be retro active.


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