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"By that definition, a state capitalist country is one where the government controls the economy and essentially acts like a single huge corporation, extracting the surplus value from the workforce in order to invest it in further production.[3] Friedrich Engels, in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, argues that state capitalism would be the final stage of capitalism consisting of ownership and management of large-scale production and communication by the bourgeois state.[4]"

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Friday, December 14, 2012

When The American Dream Meets The Communist Manifesto

This post is of a more personal nature. In my local existence I am surrounded in all directions by those who voted for Obama, not  just once but twice. Some of them are aware that I listen to the news every evening and that I have a strong interest in politics and so if I should ever introduce a political subject they quickly leave the room or respond with a non sequitur. They never introduce any political subjects themselves and so it is impossible to tell their level of awareness about what is going on in the world. It is hard  for me to understand how anyone can watch the nightly news and not feel compelled to express ones thoughts, the more so during the election season- but I watch Fox News and if they watch the news at all it is probably the main stream media, which in 2012 might as well be called the Pravda media , appropriate to the way the news is  reported in service of our dear leader president Obama.

This is a difficult post to write as I am not sure what to do  with it. I usually do not write about my own affairs on my political blog but I cannot express my political thoughts on my business blog.

Since my business is in the art world, I am politically a fish out of water. I am surrounded by  those who adamantly do not talk politics. Today I read Obama's deranged statement accusing Boehner of not offering a "balanced approach" to fiscal cliff negotiations, all the while excluding any mention of deficit reductions. I found it so disturbing that I broke the unwritten law and I asked those around me if they are aware of the fiscal cliff. True to form I was cut off mid-sentence by one who said with an accusing edge in their voice "I'll tell you what I am aware of- that Bath Iron works might close down. I started to say that if we go over the fiscal cliff, defense spending will be cut with an sledge hammer and so that is quite likely but I was cut off again as it was explained to me that the cause of the possible shut down is that "they won't vote". It was clear that no further discussion was welcomed. And also clear that Obama's belief that the public will blame the Republicans for not agreeing to tax the successful without any further consideration of reducing spending. Obama doesn't intend to reduce spending. he intends to increase it. it seems clear to me that only the republicans are motivated by the will to bring the United States economy back to health, while Obama is motivated by the will to extract capital, wealth and property from the private sector and into the hands of government as fast as he can, while he still has the power to do so. This would result in the "fundamental transformation of the United States, delivering us to the communists as the communists have so patiently planned for decades.

Last September I was driving on the beautiful River Road,  feeling inspired about the KickStarter project I have been working on when suddenly a dark thought intruded upon my reverie as I remembered the state of our economy. In a moment I blew it off, realizing that what I had been experiencing, prior to the intrusion, is the American dream which has made this country great, a reminder that even in the worst of times, it is the spirit that makes us want to build something that finds a a way to triumph.

That was then, before the election, when it was possible to believe that the Obama presidency was about to recede. Times would still be tough but with a new president we could start to find our way back to the American dream. Since the election, the dark cloud is darker, no longer just the  bad economy and ominous foreign affairs,  Now the darkness is about the all too real eventuality that our generation is living through the fundamental transformation of the land of the free, - a transformation that has been patiently and deviously planned by the enemies of our philosophical principals for decades, led by the communists,  who have developed a long and patient strategy for conquering the United States from within.

My American dream is rooted in the past and hoping to grow into the future, beyond my own generation. I was given a unique American business by my parents. An important aspect of my dream is to be able to hand down an engaging work process and creative opportunity to a new generation.  But this small family business and the product that it creates has always been emblematic of American individuality such that I have long been conscious that our business cannot creatively exist in a collective society in which the government controls all and in which the government owns all property. I am seeing before our eyes a process of wealth transference from the private sector to the government sector implemented by Obama's taxation policies and driven by his class warfare philosophy. Such a transference is an important step in the fundamental transformation of the United States into communism - a society in which there is no private ownership, excepting, as has developed in Communist China, the members of "the party" are allowed to own property and there usually exists a bureaucratic class that lives a much more abundant lifestyle than the people - Not so different than parts of the United States today, where in government employees enjoy a higher standard of living than the taxpayers who foot the bill.

Some of our pundits try to convince themselves that Obama will be motivated to bring our American economy back to health by the desire to have a positive legacy for his presidency.  I believe that Obama is a Manchurian president, the result of long and patient planning by the communist conspiracy and as such the legacy that Obama wants is not one framed by the American dream but by the Communist Manifesto, which demonizes private capital and posits that the entire capital of the globe should be in the hands of one world government. Global government has long been the  goal of the communist and Islamic jihad alike Let them battle it out, once they defeat their mutual enemy - The United States of America- One a philosophical system based in atheism and the other a theocracy - both oppressive of human freedom and neither is philosophically tolerant of the other.

The news  analysts talk of the uncertainty that is hampering economic growth. They say there is capital that is being withheld from the economy because entrepreneurs do not know what level of taxation and what new regulations will affect business and the economic environment. Our business is fortunate to be small enough to escape being in  the Obama regimes' current "targeted sector" but the focus of my dream, my  vision and my goals is to ensure that this business has a long and enduring living legacy. Until this past election, I never imagined that that future world might be the USSA. It's hard to imagine fitting into that picture- and it is difficult to  "normalize" and to regain one's focus in one's local reality- but this we must.

And therein lies the purpose of this post- this is my self therapy post in which I try to establish my own local normalization process. Like most businesses and people we must take one day at a time. The world is the most uncertain that I have ever experienced and all we can do is just keep on keeping on.

I pray that the 43 trillion dollar law suit pursued by the  Spire Law Group soon proceeds and is adjudicated by an honest judge.

I hope that The House Judiciary Committee impeaches Obama and his administration on a growing list of charges that includes Fast and Furious and Bengahz1.

If one or both of these are successful, then and only then can I envision passing our living legacy on to future generations of the USA.

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