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Maine TaxPayers United Describes How and When The System to expand Federal Control of Maine Health Care Works !

This was posted on The Maine Taxpayers United FaceBook Page, which is becoming an excellent group doing very relevant work for this state: This is a description of how the system works which you are unlikely to find revealed in our Maine main stream media:
We will need to keep an eye on the Taxation Committee as they have been charged with helping to fill the “structural gaps” created by the budget passed this session. As stated in the last email, they are trying to find revenue by “closing some loopholes” put in place by previous legislatures. They also have floated “temporary tax increases” in several other areas including lodging and recreation services.
The pieces of legislation being considered have been introduced as “Draft Concept” bills. These submissions are offered to have a place for consideration and usually are crafted by the committee. So you won’t know what is going to be included unless you attend the “work sessions” in the committees. This is where the term offered by San Fran Nan, “we have to pass the bill, to find out what is in the bill”. This allows the department of jurisdiction to write the policies of enforcement. This is a dangerous way to do business because there is no legislative over-sight. The department head can change the rules and policy without any oversight!

The first pieces of legislation are:
Health and Human Services Committee – Cross Building, Room 209
Jan 15, 2014, 9:00a

LD 1578 Public Hearing An Act To Increase Health Security by Expanding Federally Funded Health Care for Maine People
LD 1640 Public Hearing An Act To Enhance the Stability and Predictability of Health Care Costs for Returning Veterans and Others by Addressing the Issues Associated with Hospital Char...Sen. Jackson of Aroostook

Jan 15, 2014, 1:00pm
 LD 1582 Public Hearing Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101, MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 32: Allowances for Waiver Services for Childre...
LD 1583 Public Hearing Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101, MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 29: Allowances for Support Services for Adults...
LD 1584 Public Hearing Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101, MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 21: Allowances for Home and Community Benefits...

This is the attempt for the Democrats to expand Medicaid and set up a Health Exchange in Maine. We must communicate with ALL Representatives and Senators to kill this legislation. I am confident the Governor will veto these bills, but we need to continue requesting that our Reps follow through on the will of “We the People”. Encouragement and positive requests that will give them the strength to follow their principles and convictions! “Shine the Light, Shine it Bright” Scott Maine Taxpayers United Political Director [207] 459-8213


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