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Launching New Website, As Cross-Site Scripting attack Delivers a Letter by Governor Lepage!



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I notice the links going from this blog to my new website

produce this page


You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.
Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

But if I copy the exact same link and enter it into Google it works.

To get to where clicking image is supposed to take you, paste the address in  your browser:
Temporarily removing link but it should be back soon.

I have been going through a tug of war all day with who ever does not want this letter made publicly accessible BUT_ as you can now see I have developed a work around the cross-site scripting attack which also enables the display of the logo of the new Preserving The American Political Philosophy Website. We shall see if both images remain visible.


This post is to announce the launch of The Preserving The American Politcal Philsophy Website. I intended to include an image of the sites logo but when I accessed the file upload function, it is missing and replaced by a list of files that I had never seen before.

No- Script says it has filtered a potential cross-site scripting attempt from another blogger at blogger,com- as I have suspected for some time- since I posted that someone is messing with my code. My research in response to that had arrived at the conclusion that there might be a cross-site scripting attack involved. Since it seemed to correspond with certain events at AMG,I arrived at a suspect, whom I will not name, but sufficce it to say he has connections with the Paul Lepage campaign and also has a background in computer technology. and has a blog published on blogger.

The only place I have ever seen a similar app as the one that now loads was on As Maine Goes when I attempted to insert an image. A similar app displayed at AMG and I could not figure out how to load an image, which I at fist took to be due to my own shortcomings but later concluded, due to a series of correlated events , during which for a brief time I was able to load an image normally, that there was a connection between AMG and certain links that went missing from this blog.

After some detective work I was able to open all of the images in the app that displays when I want to upload an image from my own computer.

One of those images appears to be an auto responder from Paul LePage to be sent to those seeking bond money. The letter is not addressed to anyone but I am guessing, based on the content, that it is intended for members of the Maine State legislature. To Governor Lepage's credit, it is a letter of refusal and reveals some interesting data about  $40 million dollars in unauthorized debt the $100 million dollar yearly cost to the taxpayer financing the then current bond debt:

Here is that Letter. My logo is more of an instant attention grabber- but this letter also relates to the focus of my website and so I decided to take the bold step of posting this image, which came to me via a cross-site sripting attack on my own blog. Unfortunately It will take some research to figure out how to get back access to my own files.

So to announce the launch of Preserving The American Political, presenting this interesting auto-repsonder from Governor Lepage's office: If  image does not display, since it has a propensity to dissapear, Try THIS

You can also see image HERE

Cross Site Scripting Delivers Letter from Governor Paul Lepage
In this letter, LePage letter admits to 40 million in unauthorized debt and a cost to the tax payer of $100 million in financing current bonds, NOT including hospital debt and bonds generated by the Government Facilities Authority.
Note that financing the bond debt cost's Mainers 100 million a year and that the 2006 OPEGA report identified that the cost of the bureaucracy which I have nicknamed "Maine State Inc" was then 200 million a year, making the total amount of the last known accounting of bureaucracy costs and the cost of debt financing at $300 million a year- and please observe that it does not account for any of the bonds expenses generated by The Maine Governmental Facility Authority, which is that matter about which Beth O'Conner testified as presented in the previous post.

An other interesting co-incidence. A while back I noticed that all links were missing from this Portland Press Article by Steve Mistler

Maine tax panel will release suggestions for savings Monday

This is the headline:

Lawmakers must cut $40 million to meet the state’s balanced budget requirement and it won’t be easy.

Hmm... $40 million- isn't that the same amount as the unauthorized debt?

At the time of the missing links I contacted  Mr Mistler to ask why they were not functional.
This was his response:

Hmm. Not sure. The links were working Saturday when it first published, but you're right that they're broken now. I'll see if our online team can resurrect them.
Thanks for pointing it out.

 Mr. Misters links have remained resurrected. Why can't I  do that?

Anther observation take goes back to year 2006 when the Opega Report was last published. In that report the size of the hole of the budget was said to be equal to the cost of Maine's economic development programs Hmmm- was that then "unauthorized debt" as well ? Today the hole in our budget is the exact same amount as the unauthorized debt identified in Lepage's letter. In today's media such terms become interchangeable "hole in the budget'? just code for "unauthorized debt" !  Got it? In a state where the legislature concocts statutes to supersede the constitution-, that's not unusual!


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