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Monday, January 6, 2014

Upcoming Hearing On Bill That Attempts To Bypass Maine State Constitution

If you are wondering why I am missing in action these days, it's because I have been working on launching the Preserving The American Political Philosophy website, which is almost set to go.

But this is another issue too important to miss.

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:
Sec. 1. 4 MRSA §1604, sub-§10,  as enacted by PL 1987, c. 438, §1, is amended to read:
10. Provide for financing or refinancing.   To provide financing for any project, projects or part of any project or to provide for refinancing of existing indebtedness, and, for the financing of the project, projects or part of any project and of other necessary and usual attendant facilities, to borrow money and to issue negotiable securities and to provide for the rights of the holders of those securities issued by the authority prior to October 1, 2013. Beginning October 1, 2013, the authority may not issue a bond or negotiable security;
This bill removes the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority’s ability to issue bonds or negotiable securities beginning October 1, 2013.

The following was posted on Facebook by :

Heather W. Sirocki


Attention Hardworking Taxpayers of Maine: My bill has been scheduled for a public hearing. Why is this bill important? The 113th Maine Legislature violated Maine Constitution by creating an end-run around the Constitution that allows bonding to avoid the requirements of a 2/3 vote and Voter approval through an entity known as the the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority(MGFA) that also extends the bonds to 20 years. This means that governors may borrow today and saddle the collection of taxes to pay for the loans to other future legislatures. Current MGFA liabilities are at almost $200 million. LD 790 "An Act To Repeal the Bonding Authority of the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority" has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 8, 2014 1:00PM, State House, Room 228.

Glad to see that there still exists a Republican Representative who is an actual Conservative.

I don't know the rules for recording Congressional hearings- but it should be done and I would love to publish the news on the soon to be introduced Preserving The American Politcal Philsophy website.

We need some citizen action here ! In droves!

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