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"By that definition, a state capitalist country is one where the government controls the economy and essentially acts like a single huge corporation, extracting the surplus value from the workforce in order to invest it in further production.[3] Friedrich Engels, in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, argues that state capitalism would be the final stage of capitalism consisting of ownership and management of large-scale production and communication by the bourgeois state.[4]"

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Friday, May 30, 2014

My Twitter Exchange with Democratic Candidate for maine Senate Steve Woods

Just In- My Twitter exchange with Democratic Candidate for Maine Senate over claims made in article published by PR Newswire that Tide Smart Global was funded with state and federal stimulus funds SEE The Mystery Of TideSmart Global Stimulus Funding and the Vanishing Media Coverage June 20 2013

Mackenzie Andersen ‏@MackenziAmerica                       Woods helps women prosper ! (May 9, 2014) via but how was Tide Smart Global really financed? Ask Him          

       President Obama was born in Hawaii, Climate Change & gravity are both real & TSG never received a penny of stimulus funds.

Note that Mr Woods mocks my claims here that he later acknowledges are true!- Like a politician!

      Not an answer but a cute political move- a freedom of access request to state also real.

       Thanks for clarifying but why is there an article distributed by PR newswire that said it did?
  1. My reference at the time was in the context of broad infrastructure support that benefited my biz & all businesses

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