The Ati-thesis , Marxism

"By that definition, a state capitalist country is one where the government controls the economy and essentially acts like a single huge corporation, extracting the surplus value from the workforce in order to invest it in further production.[3] Friedrich Engels, in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, argues that state capitalism would be the final stage of capitalism consisting of ownership and management of large-scale production and communication by the bourgeois state.[4]"

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Rosa Koire records he own interviews. One can understand why when one compares the interview to the article published David Morris for


 Rosa discusses governance by UN-elected boards funded by foundations . This governing structure is embedded in the unconstitutional statutes chartering Maine's corporate network serving as an instrumentality of the sate.Not only are unconstitutional corporation that make up Maine State Inc, tax payer funded but they are set up to take money from anyone- including large corporations

1876 Separation of Corporation & State

Article IV Part Third Section 14 added to Maine State Constitution forbidding the legislature to charter corporations by special acts of legislation

Article IV.

Part Third. Legislative Power

Section 13.  Special legislation.  The Legislature shall, from time to time, provide, as far as practicable, by general laws, for all matters usually appertaining to special or private legislation.

Section 14.  Corporations, formed under general laws.  Corporations shall be formed under general laws, and shall not be created by special Acts of the Legislature, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where the objects of the corporation cannot otherwise be attained; and, however formed, they shall forever be subject to the general laws of the State. Governor Seldon Connor

In Governor Seldon Conner's Inaugural Address he said these words pertaining to the new constitutional amendment:

Section thirteen presents a discretionary field of action which your own honor will impel you to occupy to the fullest extent.'The title of 'Special and Private Laws,' which includes so large a portion of the laws of former Legislatures, is an obnoxious one, conveying suggestions of privilege, favoritism and monopoly; though happily these evils have not in fact, stained the character of our legislation, they should not be suffered to have, even in the form of our laws, any grounds of suspicion that can be removed. Other weighty objections to special laws for private benefit are, that they are obtained at the public expense, and in their passage distract the attention of legislators from matters of public interest. The opportunity is now afforded, and the duty enjoined upon you, by the amendment, to restrict the necessity for such laws to the narrowest possible limits. An analysis and classification of the private and special laws upon the statute books, will inform you of the objects for which it is desirable to provide by general laws, if practicable. 'Many objects have been hitherto specially legislated upon although they were amply provided for by general laws. I have distinguished authority for the statement that sixty or more of the corporations created by a special act for each, by the last Legislature, could have been created and organized under general laws. The reason why the general laws have not been resorted to to a greater extent, is not, so far as I am informed, to be found in any insufficiency or defect of those laws, but in the greater ease and simplicity of the method of application to the Legislature and in the fancied higher [146 Me. 323] sanction of an authority proceeding directly from it. Section fourteen, relating to corporations is compressive and peremptory.. It relates to all corporations, except only those for municipal purposes. It clearly prohibits their creation by special acts if the objects desired can be secured under existing general laws.' ( emphasis mine) From Governor Seldon Conner's Inaugural Address  1876 - I don't have a link for this - it was found in The Maine Constitution- A reference guide by Marshall J Tinkl

These paragraphs from the charter from the FAME corporation are repeated through out the net work of corporations chartered unconstitutionally by the Maine legislature:

§964. Organization and responsibility  The Finance Authority of Maine is established as a body corporate and politic and a public instrumentality of the State, and the exercise by the authority of the powers conferred by this chapter shall be deemed and held to be the performance of essential governmental functions. (emphasis mine)

§969-A. Powers and duties of the authority: Receive and accept from any source allocations, appropriations, loans, grants and contributions of money or other things of value to be held, used or applied to carry out this chapter, subject to the conditions upon which the loans, grants and contributions may be made, including, but not limited to, appropriations, allocations, loans, grants or gifts from any federal agency or governmental subdivision or the State and its agencies.  (money in politics- corruption risk factor) Fifth Plank Communist Manifesto: Centralization of credit in the hands of the State

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     Preserving The American Political Philosophy: New! Mini Time lines of Incrementalism Added to Timeline Exposing Stautory Transformation Of Maine

Added new mini time line of incrementalism to A Maine Citizen's Journey Through the statutes of transformation. Mini timeline depicts how legislature has merged its self authorized authority to centrally manage the Maine Economy with it's self assigned jurisdiction over educational matters at the University Of Maine- after the University of Maine was deemed by statute to be an instrumentality of the state. Includes moves taken in the 2013 legislative sessions one of the most aggressive sessions ever for asserting the hegemonic power of the state over all things in the former state of Maine- now transformed into a colony of Maine State Inc. Also an update on Governor Lepage's trip to China to secure deal with Norinco- a company sanctioned for selling arms to Iran.

New! Mini Time lines of Incrementalism Added to Timeline Exposing Stautory Transformation Of Maine

My Time Line is a fund raising flop- apparently too far off the grid to generate public interest, although people like and share the promos- only one downloaded the timeline to date -which is designed to make the hidden whole visible.

Maine State Inc officially exists but without a name. It officially exists as a vast network of state corporations which is progressively transferring power and public wealth into its own hands.

And so I continue to update Time Line. I have added dates to chapter titles and today I added  Mini Timelines of Incrementalism to the menu items. I added Mini Time Line Of Incremental-ism:State Control over Education & Publicly Funded Workforce today- which is can be much longer but for now this suffices. If you want the links- your will need to download the Time Line!!

(Low and behold I am now having difficulties inserting images on blogger- so here it I sin text form)

1977 Legislature deems centrally managing economy to be a new “essential government function

1981 Legislature decrees University of Maine to be instrumentality of State

1995 Legislature grants itself jurisdiction over educational matters at University of Maine

1999 MTI established as public charity for capitalists and granted ownership of intellectual property rights

2002 University of Maine claims ownership of Intellectual property rights

2002? Marxist and Socialist Studies established as a University of Maine minor.

2008 State manufacturing established at University of Maine

2011 Ownership of Intellectual property rights extended to Maine Economic Development Fund

2013 Taxpayers mandated to pay for marketing of Maine State Inc's Publicly Funded Work Force

2013 Bill passed to institute state management of relationships between private business

2013 legislature unanimously passed Expanded & Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit  authorizing itself to escalate by eight fold the rate at which it can extract capital from the middle class and deposit it in targeted sector bank accounts


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Meanwhile in the News Lepage is going to China on the taxpaying segment's dime to procure some business for the tax exempt state-designed town of Lorring, Maine.I am sure Lepage will offer those Pine Tree Zone tax exemptions to the Chinese Company Norinco- an arms manufacturer who has been sanctioned for selling arms to Iran but Lepage says that doesn't matter because the subsidiary that he is dealing with manufactures railroad cars! Just like Maine Inc- no subsidiaries of the corporation have anything to do with each other- or so we are supposed to believe by the fragmentary representation we get from our Maine media:

Norinco, a conglomerate that manufactures products, including military weapons systems and firearms, was sanctioned in 2003 by the U.S. government for allegedly providing ballistic missile systems to Iran. In the 1990s, it was sanctioned and prohibited from selling its firearms in the United States after being implicated in a sting operation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. That ban expired in 2007.

In May, the organization Human Rights Watch reported the company’s name was found on canisters of chlorine gas allegedly used in a chemical attack in Syria, which the company denied, according to Bloomberg. Bangor Daily News
 Not to worry about those Maine Soldiers who may have been killed by the weapons Norinco sold to Iran - they are but mere human life- not a value factored in to the "Public Benefit" which by statutory decree is served by every action of our state! Who can question it? In a state in which the people have allowed the state to centrally manage the economy- all are reduced to mere instrumentalities of the state- without a voice, thought or opinion of our own - that's the bargain we made so if you want to have a voice -consider moving to New Hampshire!

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Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries: One of A Kind Art Object Offered in Mold Making Crowdfunder Project.

Rare large Fish decorated as One of a Kind Art to be offered in Mackenzie Andersen's Crowdfunder for raising capital for a mold for Tufted Titmouse bird sculpture. Other rewards to include one of a kind bowls and specially crafted mugs,

Andersen Studio Evolution Diaries

This is the Tufted Titmouse Sculpture for which the wax phase was completed over a year ago.I am in the process of launching a crowdfunding project to contract with outside production to have the mold produced. Also shown : an eagle sculpture as a work in progress which will also need a mold produced.

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Juxtapositions of Fragments From The Whole - Food For Thought!

The purpose of The Time Line is to put the parts into the context of the whole That's when an intentionalism
starts to seem very apparent: - with that thought in mind I am juxtaposing some of the interconnected fragments of the whole:

From The Time Line 



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Special PayPal Sale today at Andersen Studio

Weston and Brenda Andersen showed this bird to a Japanese buyer, he said one word -"Shibui".

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Three Ceramic Seals Emerging From Water make a conversation.

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A New Beginning Returns To The Beginning

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This is a story that I have tried to tell for years but could not quite put the pen to the paper. I think I was blocked about revealing the emotional catharsis, which in my view is inseparable from the experience but not a subject matter that seemed appropriate to the context of the blog until now. The story suddenly found it's way out into the larger world when I needed to write an About Us page for the Shopzilla Shop where I am marketing the digital  download  time line that I created as a product to sell in the free enterprise system. The product seems more appropriate to a non-profit organization, but that is not a viable option in the USA year 2014 for the content that I am producing- and thus I went opted for the free enterprise system- which is my preference any way.

I am sure that just about everyone will tell me my approach is wrong, and this may be true, but wrong is the only way I know and so I have to function within the theoretical hypothesis that two wrongs do indeed make a right.
My first wrong is the story line I wrote to my first unsuccessful KickStarter project for Andersen Studio (no longer available online) - too long it's supposed to be an advertisement- not a story- I am told!  Ok! You are right! I am wrong! internally, by my very nature- I can't help it- God made me this way!

 I started investigating the Maine economic development statutes when my pursuit of capitalization for Andersen Design, my family's ceramic art ,design and handcrafted ceramic enterprise intersected with a presentation delivered by what appeared to be the board of the Small Enterprise Growth Fund. I say "appeared" because the event, which took place in 2009 , was promoted as a competition for a very modest sum of money from an 'anonymous“ source , which in the year of Obama stimulus , I took to be a grant. Only after the fact did I understand that it was an investment requiring an exit strategy enabling the investor to make a profit.

I had never participated in anything like this. My preparation for the event was largely in terms of a internal struggle over whether to do it or not. The day before the event I found myself uncharacteristicly and physiologically depressed. The depression took over every cell of my body. Initially my mind did not understand what was going one until I remembered the event I was to attend the next day. My entire involuntary subconscious being did not want to go there. From that point on I could only weep my way through the day but my intellect understood this to be a form of cleansing, enabling being in the zone at the moment I was to give the presentation- a cleansing of all the mis-givings I held toward the players in the social drama that I was about to enter upon - even as at that point I was completely naive about the events that have transpired in my home state which I have since documented in the time line offered here.

The next day as I was walking toward the event I encountered a tall elegantly dressed woman. I can't recall how we became engaged in conversation, just that she told me that she was there because her company had come up with a new pain killer. I had not dressed for the event and she did not ask me why I was there. I felt a cold whiff of social superiority in her indifference and I thought to myself that I won't be needing her pain killer, having discovered my own rhythmic method over pain, which once consciously practiced, kicks in automatically in moments of severity. I am only telling this here to illustrate that different belief systems produce different solutions,which I believe that a society must accommodate to be worthy of the qualifier "free".

When I entered the building I encountered more instances of rudeness until found myself in the room where the participants in the competition congregated. Was it that I had failed to style myself before attending that produced such an affect?

Once in the contestants room, the atmosphere was more amiable. The award was for a small amount about the size that makes a difference for a Main Street business. The room was populated with middle class hopefuls.

Then the panelist came into the room- all of either a corporate or banking background. One after another they all rose to the occasion to tell of the Small Enterprise Growth Fund and as if in a state of bliss, they each told us that the Maine taxpayer invested 10% of the funds in this high growth investors corporation and that the tax payer's investment always rolled over to re-invest in the fund.

After my emotional cleansing of the previous day I was trying my best to be open minded about what I was witnessing while struggling to suppress the voice in the back of my mind that was in a state of shock. Why was the taxpayer an involuntary investor in a high growth investment corporation- and why was the taxpayer's investment treated like a donation to a non-profit corporation ? Prior to attending this event , I had come across the Small Enterprise Growth Fund in internet searches but the words “high growth investors” caused me to quickly move on as it clearly signaled that it was not a match for a hand crafted ceramic business in the USA. It is the high growth investors that have caused the collapse of the western ceramics industry, causing most production to be exported to global low wage labor markets.

This is a wax sculpture of a Tufted Titmouse for which I have been waiting over a year for teh mold to be mad- Soon to attempt another crowd funding project in hopes of making it happen
The group of contestants were divided into five groups, each group scheduled to be interviewed by a different panelist. I encountered only one contestant as she came out of the interview. She was very discouraged, feeling that she had received no response to her presentation, only silence.

My cathartic event of the previous day had the effect that I had anticipated. I was in the zone when I gave my presentation which had to do with new molds made for our ceramic line of designs which have maintained their marketability since the fifties. At the time there was another slip cast production in Maine that was wanting to expand. Our business would help that company to expand and their expansion would help us to continue as an American made ceramic product, outsourcing our production to another Maine company. This would be a start for my vision of a Great American Ceramic Designer Craftsmen Network.

We had about five minutes to make our presentation. I was presenting to Mr John Burns, director of the Small Enterprise Growth Fund- whom I found to be a likable man. I was quite surprised when his response was an enthusiastic.”Excellent !' and even more surprised by his next question, which was could I say more about the network. I couldn't imagine how I could say anything of value in the half a minute which must by now be the remaining time. In retrospect I realize that he was fishing for one simple sentence “ For an exit strategy, we will sell the network” I cannot imagine why anyone would make such a promise over an investment of the size being offered- a size that seems appropriate to a grant or a loan but absolutely inappropriate as an investment in which one promises to sell the business to the “anonymous” investors.

Below is a small peek inside the Time Line where in I came across a recent testimony from Mr John Burns, which gives more information to my speculation to include that the motive of the SEGF is to buy businesses. Since the SEGF are "angel" investors- as described in a pamphlet published by the FAME corporation, That means reselling the business in 7 years in order to realize a high growth profit. The motivation of a working partner involved in the business process is entirely different , while the concept of "public benefit" emergent from a working partnership makes for a different paradigm.

  • The remainder of the fund comes from private high growth investors who require an exit strategy from the business applying for funds. ( usually selling the business) so that they can make a profit ( 2009 Juice Conference) In his testimony in support of the recently passed Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit, SEGF Fund manager John Burns stated " At SEGF, we purchase equity or near-equity securities in startup, early-stage, and smaller established Maine companies." The SEGF demands an exit strategy for businesses receiving investments,( usually means selling the business) Mr Burn's testimony suggests that the SEGF can act as the agency that purchases the company which has received benefits.(unconfirmed speculation on my part)

I think Mr Burns said “excellent” because in the network, I had a big idea. I imagine that the board from the SEGF was pretty discouraged to find so many Main Street business ideas being presented in response to the Main Street scaled investment offer. At this date after four years of research, beginning with the statute chartering the Small Enterprise Growth Fund, I understand that Maine State Inc and all its subsidiary corporations exist to serve the interests of global capitalists. If I were to be so foolish as to promise to sell a ceramic network for an investment of a size appropriate only to getting some mold production going for our established line of designs, I should then not be in the least surprised to discover that the anonymous investors export production to a low price global labor market ,as has been the fate of most western ceramic companies.

That Is why our ceramic business can be said to be a poster child of Maine's UN-targeted sector. If the goal is to create an American Designer Craftsmen Network, the goal cannot be to make a profit in the billions, which is the goal orientation of the global capitalists with whose interests Maine State Inc is aligned. A made in America product has always been the goal of Andersen Design. This does not preclude a product line to be produced in another country but not the entire line. The motivations for wanting to retain a large hand crafted production in the USA has to do with the value of the work process itself and with cultural values and life style values that are threatened to be annihilated by the hegemony of power concentrated in Maine State Inc, which in its current state of aggression has transformed the state of Maine into a colony of the corporate state.

There is more to my story about my encounter with the SEGF- but I will wait until later to tell that- stay tuned!


Shifting Focus but a New Maine Constitution Movement Entering the Picture

With The exception of one, I can garner no public interest in downloading the time line I have created which documents the statutory transformation of Maine into a Communist State. However there is now a new interest in the Maine Constitution. I am working on trying to get the organizers of this symposium to take an interest in the work I have done- but as of now no success on that score yet.

Since I am unable to find a means of generating a cash flow from this blog, I will be pulling back on energy devoted here as I need to focus on my own business- which is how I became involved with this research to begin with- so do not be surprised to see future posts in which my own business journey is woven into the subject matter of this blog. That way I can justify the time and energy spent here in.

June 6, 2014
History Making Symposium
The Maine Constitution has been mangled! A panel of researchers from the Maine
Constitution Coalition will break new ground in this history making Symposium by
explaining when, why, how, and by whom the Maine Constitution was corrupted. The
panel will provide you with facts about its destruction, and historic information to help
people restore their Maine Republic to its original glory by reclaiming Constitutional
governance! This FREE 3 hour event, including a final Q & A segment, will be on June
14, 2014, from Noon to 3 PM at the East Auburn Baptist Church, 560 Park Avenue,
This non-partisan Symposium is a first of its kind, and others have been scheduled, and
will be presented around the state throughout the summer months, at least. The research
panel members have been working for more than 5 years to obtain the factual knowledge
necessary for exposing what has been occurring in Maine for generations – the
fraudulent corruption of our founding documents, and the transition from a
constitutional republic operating under the rule of law, to a system of socialistic
democracy – which is rule by a majority, regardless of your rights.
You will learn about the deceptive, incremental, and fraudulent methods used in a quest
for power over the people; you'll hear about the corrupt conversion of the original lawful
judicial system; you'll discover how the separation of powers in Maine government was
destroyed, how property rights have been practically obliterated. But, most importantly,
you will become informed, brought forth from apathy, and truly understand what you
can do to help restore freedom, pride, success, and happiness to life in Maine.
# # #
Contact Information:
Wayne R. Leach
70 East Palmer Road
Winslow, Maine 04901
(207) 872-8998

A new phenomenon on my computer- screen now scrolls by itself and sometimes suddenly vanishes.

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The Remarkable Advantages of Having The State A Member of Your Business Consortium!

When I set out to produce this timeline, I  had no idea how long it would take. It became a learning process in the works. I started out with the knowledge that I have accumulated during four years of independent research. In the process of constructing this timeline, I gathered more information.

The timeline documents how centralized management of the Maine economy was established and entrenched- statute by statute and in the process a new government was put into place - that of  a corporate state. The process by which Maine was transformed is largely unconstitutional by the Maine State Constitution which , when honored, is government by the consent of the governed. The vast interconnected network of state corporations governed by UN-elected boards and appointed officials is dedicated to serving only the interests of the legislature's targeted sector, defined as that sector that provides higher than average incomes. Maine's newly formed government  serves the upper crust of the economy in industries qualified as "targeted " by legislative lords as they revel in their newly created status as the nobility of the state! It's an elected nobility so the people of Maine CAN do something about it but before that can happen, there needs to be a critical mass of informed voters, a goal made more difficult by a media that functions as the public relations arm of the targeted sector.

Although the stated mission of Maine's new government is  to centrally manage the Maine economy, it is astounding to see how many statutes state as their intent, the mission to  centrally manage the Maine economy, as if there is an internal war within the powers that be over who is going to be the central manager of the central managers. Both political parties, as well as independents share the vision of a centrally managed Maine- it's just seems that they can't see eye to eye over who should centrally manage whom and so they keep on chartering corporation after corporation, many with the mission of centrally managing just about everything that the central managers consider to be worth anything in the state of Maine, which is entirely measured in terms of capital, and cleansed by the rhetoric of social justice, all claimed to be for the public benefit as so deemed by the government of corporations and tzars.
Any benefits accruing to private individuals or associations, as a result of the activities of the authority, are deemed by the Legislature to be incidental to the public purposes to be achieved by the implementation of this chapter. - Deemed as true in the statute chartering  the FAME Corporation

There is a lexicon of official state language that has been consistently used over the years to justify the replacement of the Maine State Constitution by Maine State Inc. One of the primary phrases in the dictionary of official Maine State Inc language is "economic development" which , we are told is the object of Maine State Inc- as if "economic development" means to all people whatever Maine State Inc deems it to mean. In fact as an object of a corporation chartered by special acts of the legislature , "economic development " is a clear violation of Article IV Part Third Section 14 of the Maine State Constitution, as economic development can be done in ways other than being centrally managed by the corporate state - such as by the means of a free enterprise system

Article IV.Part Third.Legislative Power
Section 13.  Special legislation.  The Legislature shall, from time to time, provide, as far as practicable, by general laws, for all matters usually appertaining to special or private legislation.
Section 14.  Corporations, formed under general laws.  Corporations shall be formed under general laws, and shall not be created by special Acts of the Legislature, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where the objects of the corporation cannot otherwise be attained; and, however formed, they shall forever be subject to the general laws of the State
The term "economic development" has many different meanings. I submit that when used by Maine State Inc - it has a clear and undeniably specific meaning- which is to socialize the risk and privatize the gain for the benefit of the legislature's chosen "targeted sector", designated to become the new owners of the means of global production.

During the years commencing more or less at 1977, the legislature has constructed a massive network of corporations that serve as instrumantalities of the state. Since each such corporation chartered by special act of the legislature constitutes a clear violation of the Maine State Constitution, about that time, the legislature also passed a statute deeming that if a corporation serves as an instrumentality of the state,  it is not a corporation, after which, the legislature must have felt free and uninhibited by the Maine state constitution because it has been incrementally and aggressively expanding its corporate network ever since.

The network of state corporations all work in conjugation with each other and in practice they are all subsidiaries of a single corporation which, in its own lexicon, goes without a name and so I have provided a name for this corporation so dominating over the state of Maine. I call the entire network Maine State Inc.

The individual corporations within Maine State Inc are sometimes cloaked in the language of a 'department of the state" and at other times they are presented in the public media as separate and independent corporations, clouding their true identities as "instrumentalities of the state"

The University of Maine is one such instrumentality where in state manufacturing is housed, The University of Maine- is part of the DeepCWind consortium which is empowered to construct 100 windmills in the Gulf Of Maine. By identifying the member of the consortium as the University of Maine, the true identity of that partner- the State of Maine- is clouded. The University of Maine is, by statute, an instrumentality of the state. To have the state of Maine as one of the partners in a business consortium has powerful advantages.

When Governor Lepage decided that it was preferable to have the University of Maine construct windmills in the Gulf of Maine, rather than the Norwegian energy company Statoil, which held the permit, he turned to the state legislature and arranged for a new statute to be written which would drive Statoil out of the picture. What foreign investor would not pull out once they see that they are confronted with a business competitor can write the rules of the game to it's own advantage and to the disadvantage of all other competitors  at a moments notice? Using such banana republic ethics. the Maine State Inc business consortium may have won the "contest" for off shore wind rights, but it has done major damage to the state's foreign investment potential from this point forward,.the same tactics used against Statoil can be used against any competitor to a state owned business consortium- foreign or domestic!
May 2014 UMaine gets federal grant for offshore wind project, but far less than $47 million hoped

In October, Statoil announced it was abandoning the Maine project due to uncertainty about Maine’s regulations. Until then, Statoil’s Maine project had been a competitor for the larger federal grants  (displayed as it is in the downloadable timeline)

It is said that there is a silver lining to every cloud; the silver lining to being in the government's UN-targeted sector is that the central managers do not think that the UN-targeted sector is important enough to centrally manage- but they do expect the UN-targeted sector to pay for the whole shebang because the targeted sector is given tax exemption after tax exemption and when there are no more tax exemptions to give, then come the refundable tax credits, which require the taxpayers of Maine to pay the favored ones a cash pay out if the favored ones do not owe  taxes, which is easily arranged by taking the right route through the state's package of benefits to the targeted sector.

This timeline represents many hours of construction work and about 4 years of research for which I work unfunded, as a labor of political urgency . You will not find a timeline such as this presented else where. It is a valuable reference document - a constitutional and statutory time line telling a little exposed narrative about how the state of Maine has been fundamentally transformed into a virtual colony of Maine State Inc.
The time line includes a special section on the 2013-14 Legislative Session. Download A Free Peek Inside- Emulating Comrade China's Road Map to Success. I hope that this short out-take will demonstrate the importance of grasping the larger context in which bills are passed by the legislature. When I first began this research I learned about one state corporation at a time until eventually the whole systemic purpose became transparent. This timeline enable's other's to get a overall grasp of the system as a whole and then to go into each part with an understanding of the context of one interconnected and mutually re-enforcing system of state corporations, which taken as a whole is the largest corporation in Maine- existing without an official name, but otherwise known as Maine State Inc.