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"By that definition, a state capitalist country is one where the government controls the economy and essentially acts like a single huge corporation, extracting the surplus value from the workforce in order to invest it in further production.[3] Friedrich Engels, in Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, argues that state capitalism would be the final stage of capitalism consisting of ownership and management of large-scale production and communication by the bourgeois state.[4]"

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

State Controlled Capitalization- Do We Need It in The Era of Crowd Funding?

I don't have time these days to do the research journalism. I need to work on a crowdfunding strategy for our ceramic's business, which requires much work and research but it is such a growing field that there are many helpful resources developing.

One of them is I attended one of their online meetings today but unfortunately my microphone wasn't working in that system and so I really only watched it- but I found it very informative. I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing crowdfunding.

That said, and getting back to the statutory transformation of Maine, one of the details that previously went unregistered to my mind until  I was composing A Maine's Citizen's Journey Through The Statutes of Transformation is that all of the funds stashed away in all of the state's corporations include a provision that says the fund can accept money from any source - such as corporations, foundations, private persons, foreign governments  drug cartels, terrorists - OK ths latter two  sounds extreme- but sadly it isn't since major banking institutions have been caught doing the same- why not Maine State Inc- when does Maine ever refuse money-from any one ? -which inevitably comes with strings attached. Would there be less government  corruption risk if the government just did a crowdfunder !

Which raises the question, in the new era of crowdfunding, why does Maine need a big unconstitutional government corporate network to raise capital for the business picked for success by overlords?

The advantages of crowdfunding over government controlled capitalization are:

  1. Crowdfunding allows less leeway for corruption because the terms are stated as part of the project- no behind the scene negotiations.
  2. The people invest in their own free will instead of being involuntary investors in decisions made by unelected  boards.
  3. The state will save considerably by deconstructing the bureaucracy  needed to maintain and expand its central management of the Maine economy. 
  4. Because the people are making the decisions as opposed to an overlord class, the economy has a chance of naturally evolving back to one which includes a healthy middle class.
  5. With a healthy middle class, and the deconstruction of central management of the economy, the free enterprise system will be re-instated , along with the Maine constitution.
Of course one can never underestimate the ingenuity of corruption, but at least the door is not held wide open inviting corruption in as is the case in the current system in which capitalization in Maine is dominated by the corporate state.

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