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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Far Right Disinformation Campaign Takes Aim to Paint Jeb Bush as a Liberal.

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Back in the 2012 campaign, the far right told the world that they are more principaled than the rest of us and ran a campign to defeat Romney in which a disinformation mantra was utilized which said : "Romney is the same as Obama''.

This was hardly true but it was repeated often. The far right seemed unaware that primary season had ended and that there was a general election going on. All though they informed the world that they are the only true conservatives, all through the election season, they campaigned to defeat Romney,with little attention paid to Obama.

The far left was composed of several third party contingencies but it's main candidate was Ron Paul who ran as a Republican. The far left campaigned against the "establishment" in the Republican party, of which Ron Paul was surely one, having been a United States Senator for many years.

I came to believe that there was covert pro-Obama contingency working the far right. Perhaps the mantra "Romney = Obama" was a creation of such a contingency.  If so it was a briliant move to set up Romney as a proxy for Obama and to utilize the outrage of the far right over not being able to run their own candidate as the Republican nominee. I remember one particular individual with whom I had for a while engaged in conversations, at first taking this individual to be a conservative but after I while I began to suspect that he was a covert progressive. On the eve of the election he was out and about in cyber space advocating that people vote for a third party candidate. When I asked him which third party candidate he supported- no answer was forth coming and I concluded that he was in fact advocating for an Obama victory.

The far right is back again taking up multibillionaire Donald Trump as their "One"- rather a switcheroo from the last time around when Ron Paul advocated for foreign policy Isolationism and shocked many during the 2012 debates when he said that Iran wasn't really the threat it is made out to be.

This election season the far right's rock star is a hawk.  If the far right can make a 180 degree turn around in the policies they advocate, what then motivates them to put their support behind someone ? The answer, I submit, is simple- whoever is perceived to be the most anti-establishment candidate.

Donald Trump has taken up the far right's rallying cry by calling the entire government establishment corrupt - simply because the members there of have experience in government, which, coincidentally, Mr Trump lacks. So if Trump wins, he'll start out on day one with bad blood between himself and his own party.  The far right will blame congress and state governors - just as they do now when any member of the establishment levels criticism at Mr Trump.  Marco Rubio did so, likely well aware of what he was doing as he did it. Now Rubio has been added to the list of targets for the far rights disinfomation campaigns.

Before Donald Trump led in the polls, Jeb Bush led in the polls and so Jeb Bush became the primary disinformation target and new face in the far right's do over of their very successful 2012 mantra, "Romney = Obama" . Just switch out the names and make it "Jeb = Hillary". Who in the world believes that our world would look anything like it does today if Romney were president ? That doesn't matter because the far left can count on their targets having a memory as short as their ability to read anything longer than a tweet. Headline politics is the name of the game. The headline need not have an ounce of veracity to it. Politics is all about perception. Our self-proclaimed more principaled than thou faction knows this well and will use it to achieve their own ends.

 Here is an example of one of the latest acheivements in disinformation  aimed at transforming the perception of Jeb Bush into that of a Liberal:

You can see I tried to point out that Jeb Bush never said  he believed in unlimited amnesty. an attempt that landed on deaf ears. Jeb Bush will be hated for advocating unlimited amnesty whether it is ture or not! Truth" !" What difference does it make? Politics is all about perception !

I posted the actual words spoken by Bush as reported in the article with the misleading headline:

“For the 11 million people [who are here illegally], they must come out of the shadows, receive a work visa, start paying taxes and also pay a small fine, learn English, don’t receive government benefits, but they come out of the shadows and they receive legal status after some time,” Bush said on Monday, 
But the disinformation campaign continued on in total contradiction to the words spoken by Jeb Bush which I had just posed:

Flavia Eckholm When did Conservatives or the GOP make a law 

that foreign nationals were able to access our welfare net?

No one cared about the truth. Poster after poster joined the hate fest against Jeb Bush chanting the newly renovated mantra - Jeb Bush is a "progressive" !

It was like something out of a science fiction novel - or Nazi Germany- a virtual public stoning by a crazed mob. Heaven help us. Don't let the far right pick up where they left off during the last presidential election. Look where that got us.

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